The Walking Dead Discussions

So this isn't necessarily a movella this is a discussion about The Walking Dead. It includes theories about upcoming shows, thoughts about each episode, and even thoughts on characters. You can discuss with me through comments! I hope The Walking Dead fans enjoy!


3. Discussion 2

              Okay so I sorta got a request through the comments and I'm going to talk about that today. So what do I think Rick's plan is? I think Rick is going to maybe lure someone to the train car and use them as ransom. He'll get his hands on some weapons and they'll kick the people from Teminus's butts. Okay so that's a little exaggerated, but you see what I'm getting at. The people from Terminus don't know what they got themselves into when they messed with Rick and is group. :p

           Okay well I do have one more topic I want to talk about. How did that one older lady record her voice and send it over an intercom to the railroads? I thought they didn't have any power. And If there is power then why isn't Rick and them trying to get some power?

          Okay so I have presented 2 topics. Comment what your ideas are. Also comment any future discussions you want to talk about. I promise we will discuss them as long as they have something to do with The Walking dead. Thank you!

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