Sister & Brother

Harry Styles, a 20 year old, and Maliyah Styles, a 17 year old are sister and brother. They’re practically best friends because they’re really close and they tell each other everything. Harry made a rule that the boys, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam, aren’t allowed to date Maliyah because of one thing. This one thing is a total secret. It’s a huge secret at that! There’s two parts to this secret too. Harry is the only one who knows. What happens when this secret is too much and Harry has enough of it?


20. The Kiss

Maliyah's P.O.V.

*The Next Day*


I hear the doorbell ring so I run to the door. I open the door and Louis smiles at me.
"Hey!" I say and hug him tightly. I pull away and he smiles at me.

"Hey beautiful." Louis says. He walks in and closes the door behind him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I really like you." Louis says and I feel my cheeks glowing red, "I've missed you." Louis said.

"I did too." I say and Louis shakes his head.
"Not how much I missed you." Louis says looking into my eyes.

"How much did you miss me?" I asked and he put his hands on my cheeks.

"This much." Louis says and puts his lips to mine. Our lips move in sync. We both pull away when we hear clapping behind us. I turn around to see Harry standing there smiling and clapping. He stops clapping and I smile.
"Are you okay with this?" I asked and Harry nodded his head.

"Of course." Harry says and I hug him.

"Thanks bro." I whisper and he chuckles.

"Anytime sis." Harry whispers.


((A/N: Sorry this was such a short chapter and sorry for the long wait for just one short chapter. Hope you guys like this chapter. Comment for more!))

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