Sister & Brother

Harry Styles, a 20 year old, and Maliyah Styles, a 17 year old are sister and brother. They’re practically best friends because they’re really close and they tell each other everything. Harry made a rule that the boys, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam, aren’t allowed to date Maliyah because of one thing. This one thing is a total secret. It’s a huge secret at that! There’s two parts to this secret too. Harry is the only one who knows. What happens when this secret is too much and Harry has enough of it?


15. The Boys Visiting

Maliyah's P.O.V.

*The Next Day*


   I wake up to a pounding on my door. I groan as I go and unlock my bedroom door.

"Whaaatt?" I say and go back over to my bed. I sit down and Harry sits down next to me, "Put some clothes on Harry!" I say and he looks down at his briefs then looks back at me.
"So I'm having all the guys over today and I want you to decide which of them you really like. I know you like Louis but I have a feeling you like someone else too." Harry explains.

"Will I be cooking?" I ask.
"Yes, please." Harry says.

"Are they going to be here for the whole day?" I ask and Harry stands up.
"They're be here in an hour, and could you make breakfast for them too?" Harry asks then walks out of my room. An hour?! I'm gonna kill him!


   I rush to the bathroom and quickly get a shower then I get dressed. I dry my hair then I run downstairs to make breakfast.


   I'm almost done making breakfast when I hear the guys coming into the house. I finish breakfast just as they're all walking into the kitchen.

"Chow down." I say and Niall is the first one to eat. I get my food and sit down. I start eating then Louis sits down next to me. He smiles at me then I look at Harry who's sitting on my other side. He smirks at me then he continues eating. I'm so glad Harry is letting me have some space! I look at Louis and continue eating. I think this just might work out.

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