Sister & Brother

Harry Styles, a 20 year old, and Maliyah Styles, a 17 year old are sister and brother. They’re practically best friends because they’re really close and they tell each other everything. Harry made a rule that the boys, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam, aren’t allowed to date Maliyah because of one thing. This one thing is a total secret. It’s a huge secret at that! There’s two parts to this secret too. Harry is the only one who knows. What happens when this secret is too much and Harry has enough of it?


3. Lunch

Maliyah's P.O.V.


We walked down the hallway and into the living room. I sat down right next to the arm and Harry sat (practically on my lap) right next to me. Louis sat next to him and Niall sat next to Louis. Zayn and Liam sat on the rocking chairs. I looked at Harry and he was already looking at me.
"What?" I whispered.

"Nothing." Harry whispered and looked away from me.


Harry's P.O.V.


I look at Maliyah and she looks straight at me. Shit!

"What?" Maliyah whispered.
"Nothing." I whispered and I looked at the lads. We all started talking then Niall started complaining that he was hungry. Maliyah stood up and looked at all of us.

"I'll make lunch." Maliyah said and she walked out of the living room. We continued talking about random stuff until the smell of wings reached our noses. We all walked into the kitchen to see a plate full of wings in the middle of the table. Maliyah was putting the last two plates down on the table. She looked at us and smiled.

"Lunch is ready." Maliyah said. Maliyah sat down and I sat next to her. When we were all seated, Niall was already getting wings. We all started grabbing and then we all started stuffing our faces.


Once we were all done eating, Maliyah got up and took her plate to the sink. I took the lad's plates and took them over to Maliyah.

"Thank you." I whispered in her ear.

"For what?" Maliyah whispered.

"For not flirting." I whispered and she chuckled.

"I'll do anything for my big brother." Maliyah whispered and I went back over to the lads.

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