Sister & Brother

Harry Styles, a 20 year old, and Maliyah Styles, a 17 year old are sister and brother. They’re practically best friends because they’re really close and they tell each other everything. Harry made a rule that the boys, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam, aren’t allowed to date Maliyah because of one thing. This one thing is a total secret. It’s a huge secret at that! There’s two parts to this secret too. Harry is the only one who knows. What happens when this secret is too much and Harry has enough of it?


19. "I'm Sorry"

Harry's P.O.V.

*The Next Morning*


"Maliyah!!" I yell and I hear her scoff, "Maliyah-ah-ah-ah!!" I say, emphasizing the 'ah' at the end. She groans and her bedroom door opens. She has Scooby Doo pajamas on. I smile down at her kiddie outfit and she rolls her eyes.

"What?" Maliyah asked and she walked back into her room. I followed her in.

"I have a question." I replied and she sat down on her unmade bed.
"Shoot." Maliyah said and I sat down next to her.
"What happened?" I asked and she gave me a questioning look, "I mean to us. What happened to us?" I asked and she sighed.
"You mean why we aren't as close?" Maliyah asked.
"Yes." I replied.
"Because you lied." Maliyah said.

"I was hoping you wouldn't say that..." I said and looked at my feet, "But I'm really sorry." I added.
"Stop saying 'I'm sorry'." Maliyah said and I looked at her, "You've been saying that a lot lately." Maliyah added and I chuckled.
"Well I've been doing some really stupid stuff." I said.

"I know you have." Maliyah agreed.
"I'm sorry." I said before I knew what I was saying. Maliyah gave me the 'stop-it!' look so I look down at my feet again. "Sorry." I say and slap my hand to my forehead. I look back at Maliyah and she's smiling.
"Stop it!!" Maliyah says laughing.

"Sorry!" I say and Maliyah laughs
"Stop saying sorry!" Maliyah says.

"Okay, okay, okay! I'm sorry, gosh!" I say and she slaps my leg.

"Stop!" Maliyah says and continues to laugh.

"I can't help it!" I say and I join in her laughing.


((A/N: This was just a random chapter because I didn't know what to write. I only had an idea because my friend says 'I'm sorry' all the time and this chapter is what we do. She keeps saying sorry and I laugh. Well...I hope you liked this random chapter and I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while...bye now!))

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