Sister & Brother

Harry Styles, a 20 year old, and Maliyah Styles, a 17 year old are sister and brother. They’re practically best friends because they’re really close and they tell each other everything. Harry made a rule that the boys, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam, aren’t allowed to date Maliyah because of one thing. This one thing is a total secret. It’s a huge secret at that! There’s two parts to this secret too. Harry is the only one who knows. What happens when this secret is too much and Harry has enough of it?


11. Awkward

Aubree's P.O.V.


I wake up and get a shower then I put my clothes and shoes on (cheetah leggings, a white sweatshirt with navy letters saying "Hollister", and light brown button-up Uggs). I dry my hair and brush it then I straighten my hair. I put my make-up on then I grab my phone to see I have a message from Maliyah. I text back then I go downstairs. I go into the kitchen and get an apple then I see Maliyah messaged me again. I text back then I wait for an hour to pass.


*One Hour Later*


I see that an hour passed so I walked out the front door and out to my car. I drive to Maliyah and Harry's house then I get out of my car and go up to the front door. I knock on the door and I hear Harry's voice.
"It's open!" Harry said and I walked in. I heard footsteps so I walked into the living room to see Harry sitting on the couch and Maliyah walking towards me.
"Hey!" I said to Maliyah then looked at Harry, "Hey Harry." I said and he did the 'Sup' nod. He looked back at the TV and Maliyah looked disgusted.
"When is Louis coming over?" Maliyah asked Harry. At that, the front door opened and Louis came scurrying in.

"Hi!" Louis said happily and loudly once he faced all of us.

"Now." Harry said to Maliyah and she laughed.

"Hey Louis!" Maliyah said and Louis just smiled wildly. Maliyah sat down next to Harry and I sat down on the other side of him. Louis plopped down next to Maliyah and Harry looked at Louis. Maliyah turned the TV off then it got really quiet. Louis was starring at Maliyah so Harry was starring at Louis. I was starring at Harry so Maliyah was starring at me. 

"So I read that you think I'm hot." Harry said suddenly and looked at me.

"Who said that?" I asked.

"I read the messages. Maliyah was trying to get her phone back but I had the upper hand. I read all of them." Harry explained and Maliyah shrugged.
"Well yes. I think you are hot." I confessed.

"I know." Harry said and he continued to stare at Louis.


This is now really awkward!

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