Not Your Average Weirdo

Becca,Mira,and Mina were always really good friends. They ate pizza together,saved each other's butts, cared for each other,EVERYTHING. Like every other group of friends, they act like weirdos around each other...but they're not like those weirdos that paint nails all the time or tell really awkward and private stories. They have superpowers.


1. That Day


((Continuing from the episode Wally died))

Everyone cheered as the crystal disappeared. I was so happy and proud! Flash,Kid Flash,and Impulse got rid of the crystal thing-a-ma-whatsit. But something was missing in our victory... Becca and Artemis had run to Flash and Impulse..but where was Kid?

'Lets check on them,'I telepathically told my sister,Mina,nodding towards them. She nodded back. She's that type of ninja that limits her speaking,or just sorta whispers. As we approached them,we found Becca hugging Artemis,crying. "Wh-,"I stammered. "What happened?,"Mina finished. "Wally-is-g..,"Becca cried between tears. "Calm down,Becs,"Mina rubbed her back. "Tell us what happened." "Wally....died." "WHAT?!,"I yelled. This was insanity! I mean,he JUST married Becca,made-up with his worst-enemy-but-still-a-good-guy:my sis,and...well, he was like a big brother to me. He really made my life worth while. And now? Now he's gone.

Everyone else came to check up on us. M'gann and Mina tried to comfort us,but it didn't work. Everyone was sad,but I think the saddest GUY was Nightwing ((A/N:HES MINE!!!!!)). He was Kid's best must be really hard on him. I ran to him,tears flooding my eyes.

The Justice League said that he might be alive. To Becca, me,and Mina, "might" isn't enough. We refuse to accept that he is dead,though the whole team disagrees! We don't care. The team has a proper mission on figuring that out,but we know those are always slow. We want to try...but the Bat says it's too risky for "us girls" to do it alone. But I won't let that comment get the best of us. We WILL find Wally sooner or later.

And THAT is a fact.

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