Not Your Average Weirdo

Becca,Mira,and Mina were always really good friends. They ate pizza together,saved each other's butts, cared for each other,EVERYTHING. Like every other group of friends, they act like weirdos around each other...but they're not like those weirdos that paint nails all the time or tell really awkward and private stories. They have superpowers.


2. A Couple Months Later

Becca's POV


I flipped through my scrapbook, until my gray eyes landed on a certain redhead, with those adorable freckles and those green eyes. My eyes teared up. Never will I get over him. Not my Wally. I flashed back to the day we met. He and his parents came over to meet us, and I opened the door. 

When I welcomed them in, my mom and Wally's parents walked to the kitchen and I literally dragged Wally to the couch to talk science. When the flashback ended I flash backed to the day when I convinced him to do the experiment, which led to us blowing up his garage. 

"Hey, Becks." I looked up to see Mira and Mina, both holding their bags for the journey. 

"Hey." I replied. 

"So, is the Canary going back in action?" Mira asked. 

"I was kinda think I was gonna be Shadow..." I trailed off. 

"Whats the difference?" Mina asked. 

"The leotard has sleeves, with the finger gloves attached and I have a mask." I stated. 

"Alright, well, let's go." Mira replied. I grabbed my bag, which held my hero outfit, my mask, and my fighting staff. After I made sure my phone was still on my nightstand and that there was no sign that I was looking for Wally, I followed Mira and Mina out the door. 


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