Silver Dreamer

Jayden and Hunter are regular people from El Paso, TX. That is until the day they find out they're werewolves. Another thing that makes them unique is that they've imprinted, but they don't know it yet. **ALL TWILIGHT CHARACTERS BELONG TO STEPHANIE MEYER, I only own Hunter, Jayden and Laya.**


1. Prologue

A lady with a very high and nasally voice says, "Welcome to Anger Management! I am Ms. Henson, the group counselor. Why don't we begin with why we're here? Hmm?". I am so happy I don't sit in the front row, but I'm pissed off at the same time. My friend, Hunter, set in the front row knowing he'd be one of the first to have to tell 'Your story'. Many people say their name and state why there here, either they chose too, their parents made them, or they pummeled someone out of rage. I hear Ms. Henson say, "Mr. Hunter, please tell us why your here, so the others will know your sitituation.".

I immediately tense up, because no one knows Hunter's anger and suicidal behavior better than myself. Hunter flat out says with respect, "No, Ma'am. It's too painful for me to re-tell. I mean literally too painful.". Ms. Henson nods her head, her blondish grey hair bouncing loosely around in a bun. She begins to look around and her grey eyes land on me. She says, "Ms. WhiteRiver, please tell us your story.". I begin to say something, but one look at Hunter's amethyst eyes I can tell he's begging me.

"Fine, but I won't sensor out any cursing if I am quoting something that someone said.". Everyone in the group turned towards me, and I suddenly begin feeling claustrophobic. Breathe, You can do this, I mentally tell myself, but in my mind I'm screaming, Get me the fuck outta here. I pray Hunter can sense my distress, and thank the greek gods he does. He quickly walks back to me, ignoring all of the stares.

He asks, "Jayden, are you okay?". I stammer, "N-n-no.". Hunter nods and then helps me stand up. Ms. Henson yells something, but another girl, Laya, says, "She's claustrophobic, Ms. H, Hunter and I need to get her out of here.". Hunter picks me up bridal style and carries me out of the room, Laya on his heels. I can feel my pulse begin to quicken, even before we reach Hunter's truck. 

I mutter, "Son of a bi-.". Hunter keeps telling me to breathe as normal as I can. I try to, but I begin to hyperventilate, signaling to Hunter and Laya, that I'm having an anxiety attack. Laya begins looking for something in her bag. Hunter says to her, "Don't, she'll be fine in a minute.". Laya nods and I am fine after a minute.

*Later that night*

After Hunter and I drop Laya off at her house, we head to his. I'm super tired, so as soon as I sit on the couch I immediately pass out. I wake outside.What the hell? I start looking around and everything is more crystal clear. I hear Hunter shout in my mind.

Hey, Jayden

I turn to my right and see a beautiful Artic Wolf standing in front of me. I try to speak, but a low growl is the only thing that escapes my lips. I let out another low growl. I keep growling until Hunter communicates through my mind again.

You can't really talk when in wolf form Jayden.

I think for a few minutes. Wolves? Okay, this is going to be crazy. I shake my head. What is this world I know coming to. Was this the reason I felt claustrophobic in the Anger Management meeting? All these questions swam around in m head, so it surprised me again when Hunter talked to me through my mind again.

*The following is through the mind link*

I can't answer most of your questions, but I can try.

Okay, Hunter, what are we?

We, my dear Jayden, are werewolves.


You're taking this awfully calm, Jayden.

I felt raw power over take me. Blind fury, rage, anger and all the other emotions dealing with rage. I hear Hunter shout.

Easy, Jayden. Don't give into the rage. We can get help.

How? Where are we to go? Huh? Are there others like us? Well, Hunter, are there?

Yes there are others like us, We can shift back to human form and drive somewhere, There's a place in Washington, a reservation called, 'La Push'.

Are they the same heritage as us?

Yes, they are called the Quileutes.

I nod my head again and begin to phase, shift, whatever you want to call it, when Hunter shouts.

May want to head up tp the guest room before you do that.


When we phase, we shred our clothes.



Damn it.

I see Hunter crack a evilish smile on his wolf's face. I trot to the guest room to find one of the three book bags of my clothes in there. I quickly phase and put on my undergarments. I look through the bag and find a fitted midriff tanktop with the word 'Dance' on it and a pair of cut off jeans. After I change into them, I lay on the bed. I hear a knock at the door and Hunter shout, "Are you decent?". I shake my head for a third time and then shout, "Yes, oh wise and powerful, Hunter.". I see a smile on Hunter's face as he walks in. 

I sit up to look at him, and OH MY GOD....he's shirtless and really buff. I ask, "Whe-whe-when di-di-did yo-yo-you ge-ge-get s-s-so rip-rip-ripped?". He says, "I'm surprised as well. I guess it's just a wolf thing.". He walks over and lays down next to me. I lay back down and run my left hand over his right arm. I mutter, "You are so fucking hot, even more than before.". He laughs and then says, "Why thank you, Jayden". I mentally face palm myself.

I begin drifting off to sleep, but every five seconds I jerk my head up. Hunter sleepily says, "Go to sleep, Jayden. Don't fight it off.". I barley nod and then I'm out like a light. This was one helluva day, I hope tomorrow is better. For tomorrow, Hunter and I leave El Paso and head up to Washington. Yep, tomorrow is going to be a good day.


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