Alexander is a pure-blooded vampire. He has killed countless of beings, even his own kind. However there is one exception– Iris. Alexander loves Iris and can do anything for her, but what will he do when he meets the ultimate betrayal?


4. 4

     I stepped into the house where I once lived in. The house was still covered with the smell of blood. At once, memories of 40 years ago came like a torrent to me.

    I was still deep in thought when I felt a presence behind me. I whirled around, and the figure before me took the breath out of me. "Houston?" " H-how? You are suppose to bedead."

     Houston, a man with eyes as dark as the night and skin as pale as the moon, stood in front of me. He smirked.


40 years ago:

     "Houston! Houston," I yelled as I carried Iris into the house.

     Houston came out of his room. "What?" He stared at Iris. "A human?"

     I rushed up to him. "Please save Iris!"

     He inspected her. "What happened to her?"

     "I-I don't know… I just thought that her blood must be very sweet… And then…"

     "You sucked her blood," Houston finished.

     I nodded and gritted my teeth, despising what I did to her. "She's not waking up."

     "Don't worry. She is just going through metamorphosis."

     "What does that mean?"

     He stared at me. "She is changing into a vampire."

     For some reason, a part of me felt a sense of joy. "Does that mean, she'll be just like us."

     "In a way… She'll have to live by sucking blood, and she'll have eternal health and beauty. But she won't have powers like us."

     Suddenly, Iris shifted. I put her down, anticipating her awake. She will be one of us. Her eyes slowly opened. I noticed that her aqua blue eyes were replaced with glowing red eyes. She's one of us. However, I felt like something inside her was disappearing.

     She looked at me with no brightness in her eyes and no smile on her face. Her voice came out in a soft whisper. "Who are you?"

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