Alexander is a pure-blooded vampire. He has killed countless of beings, even his own kind. However there is one exception– Iris. Alexander loves Iris and can do anything for her, but what will he do when he meets the ultimate betrayal?


3. 3

     Where I committed my greatest sin… It wasn't hard to figure out. I had committed many sins, but they were minor ones considering the type of creature I am. However, there was one major sin that I committed. I looked out to the distance. "I guess I have to go back to that place. How long has it been? 40 years?"


40 years ago:

     "Just die," a vampire around my age said as he pushed me to the ground. "You're just a meaningless existence. 10 years old and you still can't suck blood from a mere human. What difference do you have with those humans?"

     I attempted to stand back up, but was knocked down again.

     “Useless fool,” the vampires sneered. The seniors called for them and they all walked away.

     I didn’t attempt to stand up again. Laying on the ground, I continuously repeated, “Why am I still alive?”

     After sometime, I fell asleep. When I woke up, a girl was sitting on top of me. “You’re awake!”

     I screamed and tried to back off.

     The girl covered my mouth with one hand and put one finger to her lips. “Shh... Iris am not a bad girl. Iris just saw you on the floor. Are you hurt?”

     I winced as all my pain came back to me. “Why are you here?”

     The girl, which I assumed was Iris gave me a confused look. “Iris was walking with mama but then Iris started to walk in circles, and then...mama disappeared.”

     So she’s lost. “Why aren’t you sad?” 

     Before Iris answered me, I noticed tear streaks on her face. She shook her head and smiled. “Mama said that I have to be happy everyday.”

     I suddenly had the urge to protect her. It was as if I found a reason to live.

     Iris gasped. “Oh! I forgot!”

     I tilted my head and gave her a questioning look. “What?”

     She suddenly grabbed my hand an started to shake it vigorously. “My name is Iris. Nice to meet you.”

     For the first time in my life, I smiled. “My name is Alexander.”

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