Alexander is a pure-blooded vampire. He has killed countless of beings, even his own kind. However there is one exception– Iris. Alexander loves Iris and can do anything for her, but what will he do when he meets the ultimate betrayal?


2. 2

     Iris and I sat on the highest branch of our favorite tree. Iris sat on my lap as she hummed her favorite song.

     I shut my eyes. These were the only times that I could really relax: high above others, where no one can reach us.



     "Why is it…that I don't have a mommy and daddy?"

     I flinched and my eyes opened in an instant. "Why do you ask? Did something happen?"

     Iris looked down. "No…I was just curious."

     I looked to the distant. Your parents are humans. They died of old age 10 years ago. I shook my head and closed my eyes. I can't tell her that. If I tell her that, I would be taking her back to despair. And… she'll find out that she was a human. My eyes opened again but this time it was full of menace. I won't let that happen. "Can't I be your mommy and daddy?"

     "No!" Iris scowled. She seemed startled for a second before she lowered her head. "You're different," she mumbled.

     I sensed something unusual about her. Somehow, something was different from usual. My eyes narrowed. I grabbed her arm. "Why are you wearing long-sleeved shirt." She hates long-sleeved shirts.

     Iris looked dumbfounded. "Be-because it's cold." She gasped as she realized what she said. " I-I mean–"

     My eyes widened. I pulled her sleeves up. Since my vision can easily see in the dark, I could clearly see the scars and bruises on her arm. My brows furrowed. "Who did this to you?"

     Iris giggled nervously. "What are you saying? I tripped and fell down the stairs, so I got scars and bruises all over my body. Isn't that normal?"

     "Look at me." I cupped Iris's face in my hands. "Who did this to you?"

     She seemed to be considering if she should tell me the truth or not. "Um… There were two boys who were laughing at me for not having a mommy and a daddy. They said that I was disgusting for licking my own blood. And then… And then they accidentally pushed me down the stair."

     My eyes were wide with rage. I held her as I stood up. "We're leaving."

     Iris tugged on my shirt. "Zander, don't. They didn't do it on purpose and they apologized."

     After many years of lying to her, I perfectly concealed my intention. I smiled as I told her, "I'm not going to look for them. We are going home."

     "Alright." She hugged me tightly as I jumped from tree to tree. "You can't lie to me."

     I looked at her. "I won't."


     When Iris fell asleep, I could hardly contain my rage. I opened the door and looked at her one last time, before I took off.

     Finding the two boys wasn't hard. I could easily distinguish one human's scent from another. In seconds, I was already in front of their house.

     The first boy was still playing in his room. My anger exploded when I saw the smile and laughter on his face. Without any warning, I appeared in front of him and said one single word. "Die."

     Humans are easy to manipulate. They would immediately obey to my command. Before a sound could slip from his mouth, he was on the floor, dead. Sucking his blood was the first thing that came to my mind, but on a second thought, I said, "The blood of a human, who has sinned, will never taste good."  Without another glance, I turned and went towards my next target.

     Contrast to the first boy, the second one was sleeping in his bed. I hate when humans die in their sleep. "Wake up," I commanded. The boy snapped awake.

     When the boy notice me, he screamed. "Who…who are you?"

     "I am here for revenge," I sneered.

     The boy trembled. "W-why? I've never done anything to you."

     "I am here to revenge for my beloved,"– I glared at him – "Iris."

     "I-Iris?" He seemed puzzled for a second. Then he gasped in recognition. He dropped to his knees. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to…to push her down the stairs. I-I apologized to her. I really did!"

     I looked at him with amusement. "I guess you sense that your life is in danger. I haven't met a human like you for a long time."


     I grinned showing my fangs. "Surprised?"

     His eyes widened. "Get away from me," he shrieked. He turned and tried to run towards the door. However, I was already behind him.

    "Silence," I commanded. He couldn't make a single sound. I tilted his head and whispered in his ear. "Since you entertained me, I'll spare your life." I moved my head closer to his neck. "However, I'll take everything else." My teeth sunk into his neck and blood oozed out. 

     Seconds later, I drew back. The boy collapsed on the floor. I stood there looking at him. "This is your consequence for your actions."


     When I arrived at my house, I crept slowly to Iris's room. I was stunned to see her bed unoccupied. "Iris?" I ran out of her room and started to go through every room to search for her. Her presence was getting weaker. "Iris, stop hiding."

     After searching every room, I went back to her room. "Iris," I breathed. In the corner of my eye, something caught my attention. I walked up to the nightstand beside her bed. A piece of paper was stuck under a cup. I took the paper from under the cup. A note? The note read:

     She is at the place you committed your greatest sin.

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