Alexander is a pure-blooded vampire. He has killed countless of beings, even his own kind. However there is one exception– Iris. Alexander loves Iris and can do anything for her, but what will he do when he meets the ultimate betrayal?


1. 1

     "Iris, I love you," I declared.

      Iris smiled. "I love you, too."

    "Then I promise to protect you forever. Will you stay with me forever?"

     She nodded.

    I embraced her. The sweet scent that she emitted lured my lips to her. My lips slowly caressed her neck. "And this shall seal our promise." I sunk my teeth into her neck.

     "Zander! Zander!"

     I jolted awake. "What," I snarled.

     Iris cringed. "Iris just wanted to see Zander. Does Zander not want to see Iris?"

     I sighed in relief as I saw the familiar figure in front of me. "No, I want to see you too. I was just surprised." My hand brushed her face. "Good morning, Iris."

     Iris pouted and crossed her hands. "What morning? It's already afternoon." She pointed out the window to get her point across.

     I shielded my eyes as I looked at the sun. Although the sun was setting, the light still distracted me.

     "Come on…" Iris pulled on my arms. "Go outside and play with Iris. If you always stay inside , you will grow old easily."

     I raised my brows. "But I am old. I am already–"

     "50 years old," Iris interrupted. "But to our kinds, 50 year old is just like a baby, right?"

     Although I was the one who constantly reminded her that she was different from normal humans, but I was still startled by her tranquil reaction to this matter. After all, I was the one who made her into a creature like me – a vampire.


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