Living + Suffering

Living and suffering with Mental Illness


1. Living + Suffering

Used and Abused,
and treated like crap, 
doe's anyone deserve
to be treated like that?!!

For years of hearing what others are saying,
of worrying about, how it is you that is paying,
Nastiness,bitching and all of the teasing,
to us it's unbearable, and very displeasing.

All of this 'Aahh', sound the Alarm,
all i want to do now, is to 'self-harm',
with 'Mental Illness', you feel so alone,
someone help me please, to get out of this zone!!

Unless your a sufferer, of all that iv'e shared,
you just will not know, of how we are scared,
take some time to understand us, if you care at all,
and stop being one of those, that can be so cruel.

I really hate feeling ever so sad,
I am really so sick of feeling this bad,
Everyday i look up into the sky, 
And pray to god, that soon i will DIE!!!

No-one 'EVER' i think you'll find, 
would ever choose Mental Illness, of any kind,
so please open your eye's, open your mind,
and STOP being ignorant, and stop acting blind!!


By Linda White 
'Borderline Personality Disorder' - Sufferer

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