Loner To A Fighter

She gets verbally and physically abused by her Dad, she's broken, and a Loner. No one pays attention to her and she likes that. What happens when she try's to escape her dad? What happens when she finds an professional fighter? Will he teach her how to fight? Or leave her be?


16. He needs to pay

"When someone sneaks up behind you. You just need a reflex to keep that from happening," said Collin.



It has been a week. Collin had his gym closed all this time just to be with me. We stayed in the hotel room this week. He have taught me how to fight, without much of a break.

     I have learned a lot! I'm not so sure I want to face my dad just yet. Collin said when I do that, he will be behind me to back me up. I knew from the moment I met Collin, that my dad would not have a chance against him.

    Today was Saturday. I was still trying to make a decision. He was shirtless and his face was pouring down with sweat. "You need to learn some more."

     "No, you need to rest."

     "No, I don't. I-I need to get you ready." He tried to catch his breath as he said it.

     "Collin. I came to my decision. I want try this tonight."

      "Are you sure?" He asked.

      I nodded. "I'm going alone." I don't want Collin there. Collin could probably take him on, but, I was afraid. I care for Collin to much.

      "No your not."

       "This is my fight! Not yours!"

       "This is both of our fight! You're my world!" My heart skipped a beat. "Besides, I already have a plan. So, here is what were going to do."


        We broke in my dad's house. He wasn't home yet, but, we were ready.

         I was hid behind the kitchen's door frame. When he opens the door, he should just see Collin. I took a deep breath. He did so many things to me, yes. Although, I was hoping we could just put him to prison.

        But another a part of me. A more devious part of me, wants him to pay.

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