Loner To A Fighter

She gets verbally and physically abused by her Dad, she's broken, and a Loner. No one pays attention to her and she likes that. What happens when she try's to escape her dad? What happens when she finds an professional fighter? Will he teach her how to fight? Or leave her be?


11. He doesen't deserve to die

I woke up to see I was alone. Where was Collin? I plopped up in the bed of the hotel room.

    I glanced beside me and smiled softly. What was laying there was a note and a small box. I picked up the note and read, "Hey, Ellen, (AKA: I know your name is Kelley but, I'm use to Ellen.)" I smiled softly and continued reading, "I know I won't be here when you get up. I needed some fresh air. I thought about something. We're going to probably be spending a whole lot of time together for this plan and I don't care. I like you a lot and I'm happy that I will be spending my time with you. P.S: Happy Birthday, lovely. Open the box and walk outside and tell me if you like it or not."

    I opened the box and placed my hand over my mouth. It was a beautiful charm necklace.


     I walked outside and smiled softly when I saw Collin standing there. "Can you help me put it on?" I asked, as I held the necklace.

     He turned around and walked up behind me. He grabbed the necklace and placed it around my neck. He rested his chin on my shoulder and whispered a soft "happy birthday, beautiful."

    "You don't have to follow through with this plan. All I want to do is to get away from my dad." I said.

     He kept his head on my shoulder and sighed. "You don't want to get away from your dad, Kelley. No, you want something more than that. Revenge. That's why you found me that night, you wanted to fight, didn't you?"

     I nodded. "Yea but, I needed a distraction at the time."

    "I don't think so," he muttered. He kissed my neck softly. "I'm not going to help you run away. That's not what I'm going to do but, I will help you fight."

    "My dad did terrible things but, he doesn't deserve to die. No one does."

     "Who said we're going to kill him? He deserves to go to prison, Kelley."  

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