Loner To A Fighter

She gets verbally and physically abused by her Dad, she's broken, and a Loner. No one pays attention to her and she likes that. What happens when she try's to escape her dad? What happens when she finds an professional fighter? Will he teach her how to fight? Or leave her be?


5. Girls and flirty smiles

I fluttered my eyes open and yawned. Where am I? The walls were plain white and my bedroom was painted pastel purple. Unless, this wasn't my room. I observed the room more closely. I looked over to my left to see a night stand and a lamp with two picture frames. I picked them both up and everything came back to me. Collin. 

    Both of the pictures were of fighters. Since they were both sign, I'm guessing they're famous fighters. I placed the picture frames where they were before and started to walk out of the room but, got stopped by Collin leaning casually against the door frame texting away. I tried to focus on his face and not his naked torso. He looked up and smiled at me. 

    "If it's ok with your dad, you can stay and I can try to teach you some more in fighting. The place opens at 10:00 and-" He glanced down at his watch. "It's 9:30 now. You can take a shower if you want. You know where the bathroom's at?"

    I nodded with a small smile and walked passed him.



Once I got out of the shower and got dress, Collin had his t-shirt on and blue jeans. He got his boxing gloves and smirked at me. "C'mon, princess, people should be here by now." My heart surged in my chest. 

   He walked out and I followed him. There was a few men and women walking in already. I wonder if any of the women come in just to see Collin. I wouldn't be surprised. Nobody's perfect but, he's is as closed to it as you can get. 

   He put on his boxing gloves and stood in front of the boxing bag getting ready.

   One girl walked over to him with a flirty smile and he tensed up. That's weird. "My name is Jessica but, you can call me Jess. Maybe, we should go out sometime?"

   "I'm not Interested," He stated without taking his eyes off of the bag. He started punching it taking deep breaths. She's beautiful! I wonder why he rejected her. Of, course he didn't even look up at her.

    She put her hand on his arm and moved it down slowly. He tensed up more then he was before. He looked really awkward so I decided to stand up for him. "Um, excused me. T-that's my boyfriend," I spoke weakly soon wishing I haven't spoken at all.

    She glanced over at me with disgust. Collin looked at me with shock but, finally composed himself. "Ok, fine, whatever," Jessica said walking away.

    He sighed a breath of relief. "Ok, um, take these boxing gloves," says Collin. He placed the boxing gloves in my hands and gave me a small smile. I started to punch the bag and he grabbed my arms and lowered them but, turned tense all of the sudden.

    "Why are you so tense around girls?" I asked punching the bag again.


     "Stop what?"

     "Punching the bag." I stopped and looked at him wearily. He had his hands folded under his chin like he was thinking about something. "Move your whole body. You look tense and awkward-"

     "Like the same way you act around girls?" I asked. I don't even know why I said it. I wasn't thinking! He frowned at me. "I-I'm sorry. You just wouldn't answer my question and I-"

      "Try to move your whole body this time," he said with pain in his eyes.

       I nodded and punched the bag harder moving my body and I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks. "Ok, stop."

      I stopped and he sighed.

     More girls walked in giving me glares and Collin small flirty smiles but, he wouldn't pay attention to them. His biggest priority was to make sure I knew how to fight. 

   He walked up behind me and moved both of his arms above my head leaning against the boxing bag. My breath became uneven. "Lets fight together," he said breathing down my neck.

​   I'm not going to be able to breathe. How am I going to be able to fight? He took my wrist in his big hand and brought my fist up. He took my other wrist and did the same thing. He let go of my wrists and placed his hands on my waist and turned me a little bit so, we were facing the right side of the building. "Ok, when my fist goes up and hit the bag. I want you to do the same. Ok?"

  I nodded. With his chest still pressed against my back, he turned his body a little bit making me do the same and punched the bag. I did the same thing at the same time. He slipped two fingers under my chin and brought my head up so, I was staring into his irresistible brown eyes. He smiled at me. It was more of a proud smile and it made me happy. "I'm so proud of you, princess," he whispered.

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