Loner To A Fighter

She gets verbally and physically abused by her Dad, she's broken, and a Loner. No one pays attention to her and she likes that. What happens when she try's to escape her dad? What happens when she finds an professional fighter? Will he teach her how to fight? Or leave her be?


8. Getting to Know Each Other

"Wh-why would you do this to yourself?" He asked with pain in his voice.

     "Um, I-I didn't do it. I fell." I lied.

      He look up at me with an…angry expression? "There's no way you could've got these marks from falling. Ellen."

        Why couldn't he be a little dumb? So, I tried again, "I'm not lying."

        He looked down at my wrist again and sighed. "Ok."


After two hours straight, I couldn't stand it no more. "I can't take this no more." I sat on the ground with my legs pulled up to my chest, trying to gain my breath back.

    "You're going to give up?" Collin asked staring down at me.

     "No," I said a little to harshly. "I need a break."

      "Ellen, when I first started fighting. I fought for five hours straight each day."

       I looked up at him with shock, "but, you're a guy. There's a difference."

      "No, not really. When I first started fighting. I was vulnerable and tiny. I was smaller than you. I was a loner, I never thought I would become a fighter."

        "I am too. A loner, I mean."

         He smiled. "A loner to a fighter."

         I smiled back, "yea." I'm actually starting to like Collin. It's very hard not to like him. He's sweet, handsome, and he won't give up, no matter what happened to him. He's not that kinda guy.

         He sat down in front of me with his knees pulled up to his chest. "Ok, we can have a break. Let's get to know each other."

        "Yea, ok." I smiled up at him. "You first."

         "Ok, my full name is Collin Peter Anderson. I'm twenty-two years old, as you know. Pizza is my favorite food. Um, I don't watch much TV, but, I love watching movies. Super hero movies, like, batman." He smiled at me.

          "Oh my goodness! Me too! I love batman. Although, I don't like pizza."

           "You don't like pizza?" I shook my head. "I can't believe this." He said. "That's shocking. I thought everyone loves pizza."

           I laughed. "How were you like in school?" 

          He sighed, running his hands through his hair. "C'mon, I only have seen the tough side of you. I want to see the dorky side of you too." I said, smiling.

         "I was a very dorky kid. I wore glasses, and was super skinny. I got all A's throughout elementary school." He smiled like he was thinking back to those times.

         "What about middle school?" I asked.

          His smile dropped. "I gave up my glasses and decided on a whole new look but, I was weak. I looked better than I did in elementary school in my opinion." He stared down at the ground for a few minutes gaining an awkward silence. "What about you? Tell me some stuff about yourself." He smiled but, I could tell it was forced.

          "Um, I'm seventeen. I'm turning Eighteen very soon-"

           He cut me off, "what do you want for your birthday?"

           To get away from my dad and possibly have you all to myself. "I really don't want anything."

           He chuckled. "You're lying! Everyone wants something for there birthday."

          "What do you want for your birthday?" I asked.

          "It has already passed."

          "Oh, really? When was it?"

          "A couple days ago. The first time I seen you here."

           My eyes went wide. "Are you for real. You just now turned twenty-two?"

           He gave me a small smile. "What did your family get you?" I asked.


          "Nothing? Oh, I'm sorry."

          "No, it's fine." He said keeping his head down.

          "What did you want for your birthday?" I asked.

          "It's alright, princess. I already got one thing for my birthday."

           "What was it?"  

           He gave me a small smile. "You." He kept eye contact with me. That was so sweet. 

           I smiled back at him. "Um, I love disney and lasagna."

           He chuckled, covering his face with his knees. "How can you love lasagna but, not pizza?"

           "Lasagna is good."

           "Well, so is Pizza."

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