Loner To A Fighter

She gets verbally and physically abused by her Dad, she's broken, and a Loner. No one pays attention to her and she likes that. What happens when she try's to escape her dad? What happens when she finds an professional fighter? Will he teach her how to fight? Or leave her be?


15. Getting back

He kissed me back and wrapped his arms around me.

    "Why do we always end up like this?" He muttered against my lips. "You don't even like me."

     "I do. I just don't want to hurt you. I'm also...Collin, I'm also, scared of getting hurt."

     "Don't worry about that. I will never ever hurt you. You can hurt me...I won't mind. "

     "How could you say that? I mean, about me hurting you."

     "I love you."

     "What?" I broke our kiss. I was clearly awake now.

     "Kelley, if you want to leave me or reject me. Do it. I want you to be happy. That's what love is. I at least think so. I never really felt this way before."

      I chuckled a little. I smiled a little and looked down. "I'm flattered. I really am." I looked up. My eyes started tearing up. "But, I can't give you the honor of loving you back." His expression made my heart break into a million of pieces.  "Not when I'm still broken. Collin, there are bruises all over my thighs and stomach from my dad. I self-harmed. I didn't self-harm as much. Just on my wrists. I-"

      "Let me see."


      "I can't heal you without seeing your scars."

      I smiled. How did I deserve to have Collin in my life? I rolled up my sleeves. Scars were all over my arm. It was a terrible sight. He took my hand in his and bent down slowly and kissed each scar.

      "Do you want to get back at your dad?" He asked.

      I took a deep breath. I nodded vigorously. "Yea. I do."

      He took my hand and pulled me with him. "You are going to face him and you're going to do exactly what he did to you."

      "As much as I want to. I can't. It's not right."

      "If you won't I will. He hurt you, Kelley. He hurt you and that means he have hurt me. I love you and I'm going to keep saying it. I was broken until you showed up unexpectedly. I was to afraid to let anyone near me. I love you. I'm going to teach you that there is someone that cares, like you have taught me. Thank you, love, for teaching me that." He smiled.

      "I'm not even that good of a fighter."

      "You need reflexes."

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