My name is Rose and I'm 18 years old.Im gonna tell my story how I met the world famous Justin bieber. Never stop believing❤️


1. Getting ready

Rose's p.o.v 

I have blond long hair and blue sparkling eyes. I'm 168 cm big and love to sing. (Just an overview of rose) 

Today me and my best friend are gonna see JUSTIN BIEBER!!  We really want to sneak in the meet and greet to get a chance to meet him!  I've been a belieber since  2009 and at last he comes to London during the believe tour!  Well  I think Ava is coming soon so I should get ready.

if is now in the middle of May and in London it's 19 degrees. So I decided to wear a beanie and a leather jacket and a hollister shirt underneath, some ripped jeans and boots. I just don't know what people normally wear on concerts because it's my first one btw.I spray some someday on me.i hear a knock.Its probably Ava. I run down and open the door. Ava isn't a tall girl with brown hair and green eyes. She is 17. She loves Justin till death and will do anything for him. She has on a very short shirt and shorts. 

Ava: Hi! 

Me : Hi! 

Ava: are you ready?

me: yes! 

Ava: ok lets go! 

(if you Liked it Comment to update! If I get 10 comments I will continue!)  


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