Changed ( a louis tomlinson fanfic )

Lesley is a 17 year old girl from Doncaster ,her best friend is Lottie Tomlinson (yes Louis' little sis) , hey have known each other since birth. Lesley has four brothers there is here twin Connor, Eddy, Lou & Ashton. Louis best friends brother has been friends with Lesley's big brother since primary school.

What happens when Lesley and her twin Connor get a scholarship to a new uni for the future generation of Olympic medalists. What will happen when she meet Louis Tomlinson again? Will she fall in love? Or will she stay away from him?


2. The Reunion

Just so you know what I'm talking about I have black curly hair and bright jade eyes ( same with Connor )

Lesley's POV:

Beep beep beep ... "Ugh" " Les get up now " shouted my dad . I jumped out of bed and walked over to my wardrobe and gabbed my skinny blue jeans and my white under top with my knitted white jumper to go over the top. Then I went into the bathroom and got into the shower washed my hair and body then I got out dried my hair , brushed my teeth then got changed and then went down stairs to see my dad with my keys to my new white sports car. My brother had then same one just his was yellow.

Then I said good bye to my dad and my brother Eddy and got in my car for the long journey to the centre of London.

Once me and Con had arrived at the apartment block we will be staying at we went to the woman at the desk and asked about our rooms. "Names" " Connor and Lesley Matthews " we replied in unison." Ok Lesley you will be in room 201 with a girl called jazz and Connor you will be in room 256 with a young boy called Samuel " "great thanx " I replied my brother said thanx and we both were off to our new shared apartments.

When I got to room 201 I knocked on the door a young girl who looked older than me open the door, I think this was my room mate jazz." Hi I'm jazz your room mate and you must be Lesley? Am I right? " she asked with a hint of excitement in her voice. " yer I'm Lesley, nice to meet you jazz I hope we will be very good friends" I replied with a smile as she let me walk into my new room .

Jazz's POV:

The first time I hear the name Lesley I personal thought she was a boy. But I'm glad that she's a girl 'cause it would of been awkward sharing with a sexed-up boy

Lesley's POV:

Jazz showed me to my bedroom; my bedroom was small with a medium size bed against the far wall by the window, there was a small closet with at least 11 hangers in it.

After I had settled in me and jazz decided that we should get to know each other better. I found out that she had one older sister her name was Jessica, she lived with her mam and dad. She had also been at this school for nearly two years already. After she had finished I told her about my four older brothers I told her that I had a twin brother called Connor and that me a Con were considered the badass's at our old school but they didn't chuck us out, even though I did (by accident) make the schools heads trousers fall down in front of the whole school!! She was shocked that someone like me would do such a thing.

We had been talking for about and hour ; she had told me to be careful of Alec the schools bad-boy she told me that him and his mates Arrow, elexi and Jason were trouble and that it might be a good idea to avoid them at all costs

The next day

I woke up to the smell of bacon so I got up out of bed and slid on my clothes for the day I brushed my hair then walked through the door to the kitchen to see jazz cooking breakfast.

A couple of hours later jazz suggested that we go out around London for the day I agreed and decided that I would shower and get ready to go (as we were leaving in half an hour). I got out of the shower and slipped into my ripped skinny jeans and pulled my tank top on over my head then I grabbed my hoodie and my bag and asked jazz if she was ready to go she replied with a simple yer.

As we walked along the pavement we passed the London eye, I suggested that we should go on it. We waited a while in the line and after it was our turn to get on as we walked in a guy wearing all black walked up to the guy who was telling everyone where to go. And by the look of things the guy in the black was asking him something, after that the other one nodded his head slowly and a group of five lads ran in to the same booth as me and jazz.

We had just reached the top of the London eye and we were talking to each other about were we grew up. Jazz said" I grew up in London with my sister and my parents. Where did you grew up?" I replied" I grew up in Doncaster with my brothers and my dad and for a while my mam but the she kinda ran off. And that was the last we had seen of her." Then out of nowhere one of the five lads spoke up and said " you grew up in Doncaster?" "Yer, why?" I spoke back. Then he answered " I also grew up in Doncaster with my mam, dad and my four younger sisters" I replied with " oh, by any chance was one of you sisters called Lottie?"" Yer, why?" " OMG, you must be Louis Tomlinson, Lottie's my BFF we basically grew up together. You look so different since the last time I saw you!" He gave me a confused look then a look that showed that he remembered me. Then he said " OMG your Lottie's friend Lesley aren't you?"" Yer I'm Lesley " " your also Ashton's little sister and don't you have a twin" I replied with a simple yes. Everyone else had really confused looks on their faces then one of the other boy spoke up and said " Lou how can you trust her she might just be another of our crazed fans " then the rest of them all said " yer Lou how do you know you can trust her?" Then I spoke up " you know you could just ask me for evidence and you know" they all just sat and looked at me then I decided to get out my phone and said " look if you don't trust me you might as well look through my photos, the photos are of me and Lottie" I held up my phone that had a pic of me and Lottie, then one of the lads said " that could of been photoshopped"" fine I'll have to phone Lottie and get her to show you and I doubt that she will be happy to speak to you lot especially Louis" once I had said that they all had confused looks on their faces ( once again) then I said " you do know why don't you" Louis replied with a no, then I carried on with a should I tell you look on my face. I started to explain " well....

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