Changed ( a louis tomlinson fanfic )

Lesley is a 17 year old girl from Doncaster ,her best friend is Lottie Tomlinson (yes Louis' little sis) , hey have known each other since birth. Lesley has four brothers there is here twin Connor, Eddy, Lou & Ashton. Louis best friends brother has been friends with Lesley's big brother since primary school.

What happens when Lesley and her twin Connor get a scholarship to a new uni for the future generation of Olympic medalists. What will happen when she meet Louis Tomlinson again? Will she fall in love? Or will she stay away from him?


1. new school, old friends

Hi I'm Lesley Matthews I'm 17 years old I have a twin brother (who is older than me by only 5mins) his name is Connor. He is the what you call the badass boy, he likes to get in trouble in lessons.

I have another older brother called Eddy he is about 1 year older than me and con. Eddy is more of the quite sort and just gets on with stuff. But the bad thing with eddy is that her suffers from a heart problem, so we will all only have a limited time with him.

Then there is Louis or Lou whatever you want to call him, he is 20 years old he has an girlfriend called Natalie. There both really sweet but I don't see them that much this might be the fact that the live in Ireland ( near to where Natalie's family live). Last but not least there is Ashton he is the eldest out of us he is 23 and live in London with is mate. Ashton is best friends with my best friends brother Lottie's big brother is called Louis, yes he is THE Louis Tomlinson from one direction. They have been BFFs since pre-school and like I know what you thinking that it's really cool to know tomo but I don't really know him that well. ( sad really )

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