Changed ( a louis tomlinson fanfic )

Lesley is a 17 year old girl from Doncaster ,her best friend is Lottie Tomlinson (yes Louis' little sis) , hey have known each other since birth. Lesley has four brothers there is here twin Connor, Eddy, Lou & Ashton. Louis best friends brother has been friends with Lesley's big brother since primary school.

What happens when Lesley and her twin Connor get a scholarship to a new uni for the future generation of Olympic medalists. What will happen when she meet Louis Tomlinson again? Will she fall in love? Or will she stay away from him?


3. Lottie

I explain to Louis and the rest of the boy about why Lottie might not be to happy to speak to the but only Louis believed me as the rest still didn't trust me ( annoying really ). Then I phoned Lottie.

Lottie's POV:

I was sat at home watching 'big brother' with my twin sister when my phone began to ring. I jumped of of the sofa and ran to the kitchen table and grabbed my phone, I looked at the caller ID it was Lesley. I was surprised that she would be phoning me. I answered the phone with a simple help. All I heard at first was a bit of ruffling them finally someone answered.

Lesley's POV:

Lottie finally picked up the phone I then took my phone from Louis and replied to her. " hi Lottie how are you bebz " she replied with year you know fine just a bit sad that Lous back in London but is not guna come and see us, I'm really angry at him and if I get my hands on him I will pull his head off!!" I cursed under my breath. Louis looked at me confused and I just smiled weakly back then I said " weeelllll -" " Lesley he's there isn't he ?" "Nooooooo" " yes he is I know he is don't lie to me!" " ok yes Louis is here..." As I said Louis name they all looked at me then Harry said " for gods sake please can you just put her on speaker so she can tell us you really are her BFF Lesley". I sighed and said " fine, but don't expect a happy reply"...

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