My new Life

This is not some superficial story about someone trying to start over. This is the story of my actual new life, the life that began the day I moved to the other end of the country.


2. Did you take your medication?

Hi again!... Notebook.

I'm on the airplane. But that's just good luck. I couldn't figure out how to get here because I've never even been in an airport before. It's not that bad, flying. I thought I would get air-sick, but I'm not even feeling the slightest bit queazy.  I went through something called security, where this man for some reason had to put his hands on every spot of my body, even my breasts, for security reasons. I was just about to punch him in the face, because he really freaked me out. 

I could have just said I needed someone to come with me.. but hey, I'm on the plane now. 

"You look very tense" Susan said, she's an adult in the care home. "So? I get sick very easily on airplanes" I said. This was outside the home, after I had said goodbye to everyone. "Did you take your medication, darling?" she asked me. She really knows how to make me sound like a freak. I'd have told her that, but I didn't want a fight. After all, we were saying goodbye. I'm probably never going to see her again, besides on skype. I promised to skype to her and the other kids at the care home every week. 

Anyway, I wanted to tell her that I was only hyper-active and that she was only asking because she had to, not because she cared. But I just told her yes, I had. 

She asked me if I was nervous, and I said no, but that has changed now. I'm more nervous than I've ever been. Soon, I won't have any nails back. I'm biting them of. 

And we're getting closer and closer to Florida. And I'm getting closer and closer to my destiny. 

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