My new Life

This is not some superficial story about someone trying to start over. This is the story of my actual new life, the life that began the day I moved to the other end of the country.


3. Arriving

It's evening and I'm sitting in my room, writing. 

I had imagined a picture of two old fat loving care-parents waiting for me at the airport. But when I arrived I met him.

I was so confused when I walked outside. I didn't know the faces of the people waiting for me, and I didn't know if they were famous movie-stars or murders. And it was extremely hot, and I was worried and I wanted to go back.Then a tall boy with brown wet eyes winked at me. "Alexa?" he asked. 

"Yes" I said and I didn't know if I was supposed to give him a hug or shake his hand or just say yes. We ended up shaking hands. "Anthony" he said, and I think that meant his name was Anthony. If it didn't, then I don't know why he would just say Anthony.

He looked my age, and he had the biggest smile I've ever seen. But it was cute. 

"My parents are over there" he said, pointing at a huge group of people, waiting in line in front of a tiny sandwich-store "They thought they'd start standing in line, since it takes forever. You're hungry aren't you?".

I was very much hungry. "A little" I said, and my voice for some reason suddently became much more girly than it normally is. I was still nervous, but this boy, Anthony made me feel so welcome. 

We walked to the line in front of the sandwich-store, and Anthony tapped a man on his shoulder. "Alexa's here" he said "and she's beautifull!". My cheeks felt hot, and I didn't feel very comfortable. 

The man laughed and turned around. "She is!" he said and blinked at Anthony. It's my first day and my new foster-dad is already trying to set me up with his son, who is - from today - my stepbrother. 

"David" he said. He quite looked like a David. "Alexa" I said. He told me, that Susan was at the toilet and that she would be back soon. I liked that her name was Susan. It reminded me of.. well, annoying Susan. 

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