Its you :)

A girl and her friend are traveling around America and stayingin her grandparents guest house for there summer trip but the catch is its you. (Y/N) i hope you enjoy.
(Y/N)= Your Name
(Y/F/N)= Your Friends Name
(Y/FULL/N)= Your Full Name


1. the start

     The lights were bright and colorful flashing on my face front row at a 5 seconds of summer concert. I was close enough to see Michael was sweating and almost felt every chord as if he was right next to me they had just started to sing the song good girl and it was Michael's part and I was singing to every word he did. I saw his eye start to scan the front row I knew his eye would soon land on me . I watched closely almost there.

     I was shaken away by (Y/F/N) "The bell just Rang lets get out of here" she told me with a huge smile.

     "im coming"  picked up my bag and fallowed her out of the room. 

      "its been 13 years and you still sleep in class" she told me reapplying lip gloss as we weaved our way through our giant high school one last time it was our senior year. today she wore a summer dress with sandals to match and her long blond hair flowed down her back. 

     "some things never change" i told her hooking my arm through hers.i had on my usual style outfit.  

we walked  through the common area of our school saying goodbye to everyone as we went we opened the front doors and made our  way to my bright orange jeep.

our bags were in the back and we had my grandparents beach house for the summer our senior trip just the two of us. we would be traveling around America in my jeep but mainly be at the beach house. And the most exciting part was we would be seeing one direction and 5 seconds of summer.

 we started our drive down to Miami blaring all of our favorite songs and singing along driving through the night we finally crossed the Florida boarder singing to All Time Low "somewhere in Nederland" it was around 9:00am and we pulled over the Florida boarder. we stooped to get some coffee and got back on the road. "this Afternoon" by Nickelback was playing loudly and we were singing along again when a large tour bus pulled up beside us 

     "It's not the human walk It's the human race If you aint livin on the edge You're takin' too much space So I doubt I'll figure out Just what to do'Bout to kick it around Hangin out this afternoon Get up, and go out Me and all my friends We drink up, we fall down And then we do it all again Just kickin' around, hangin out this afternoon " i looked up to see Michael Clifford who was singing along to the last cores of the song i waved and smiled up at him

      "see you in a few days up on stage" i yelled up at the towering bus.

      "ill look for you whats your name" he asked his voice was raspy like he had just woken up. 

     "(Y/FULL/N)!!!!" i shouted

     "MICHAEL!" he yelled back 

     "Ya I KNOW!" 

     "where are you staying?" we continued to yell but our time was running out. 

     "my grandparents in Miami!" 

     "that doesn't help me much!" he smiled. the light turned green i flipped my sunglasses back over my eyes and gave a little wave before we pulled away. 

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