Its you :)

A girl and her friend are traveling around America and stayingin her grandparents guest house for there summer trip but the catch is its you. (Y/N) i hope you enjoy.
(Y/N)= Your Name
(Y/F/N)= Your Friends Name
(Y/FULL/N)= Your Full Name


2. the house

I looked over at (y/f/n) to see her face of pure shook. And I can only images that's 
what mine looked like too. "What the hell just happened and how we're you so 
cool about it. I was over here and flipping out and you just had a full out 
conversation with the Michael Clifford"


"I don't know what came over me. I was pretty cool wasn't I or did I say stupid 
stuff oh my god did I say something stupid. I said something stupid" I began to 


"no nothing stupid but you could have told him where we'd be. But other then 
that you were grate."


"Okay" I started to calm myself down. And looked in my rear we merrier to see 
the bus was still behind us and I saw Michael standing behind the driver talking to 
him with his arms crossed over his chest. I took a quick right into the 
neighborhood I had been in so many times before. I saw the bus zoom by the 
intersection. We drove through the neighborhood slowly looking at all of the 
beautiful houses. "Here we are" 

"Holy shit"(Y/F/N) said "it's huge" our bags were being taken out of my car by tall 
tan young men in pastel colored shirts and khaki shorts.

 "Thank you Tomes. Thank you Adam." I say. 

"Anything for you Jules" said Adam I gave him a smile and tossed him my keys. I 
had grown up with these boys. They are my grandparents friends grandsons 
looking to learn how to take care of a family. they come and tend to the house in 
Miami when my grandparents are at there homes in Sydney or Italy. 


"Can you please get some gas we will be heading into the city in a few hours for a 
concert. my credit card is in the cup holder"I told him Tomas was be hind us with 
two of our bags "Tom we will be staying in the two big guest rooms" 


"Jules I was told to not let you drive in the city. Your grandparents told me to get 
you guys a limo when you went out there for late night." Adam informed me.


"Okay then. But I still need gas you can get it whenever I guess." I said Adam 
grabbed two more of our bags and fallowed us into the house. I gave (Y/F/N) the 
tour of the house.

                                                                  (your room)

                                                    (friends room)


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