Its you :)

A girl and her friend are traveling around America and stayingin her grandparents guest house for there summer trip but the catch is its you. (Y/N) i hope you enjoy.
(Y/N)= Your Name
(Y/F/N)= Your Friends Name
(Y/FULL/N)= Your Full Name


3. meeting

The limo pulled up to the house at 5:30 the concert started at 7:00. We went into the theater when the man scanned my ticket he asked me "is your name (Y/N)"

"Yes" i say a bit worried.

"Your dad must love you he upgraded your tickets he said he didn't want you guys getting crushed so he payed big money to have you sit right in front of the stage. No shannagins ill be watching do anything wrong and you will be moved to the back. Understand?"

"Yes sir thank you." I say gratefully

"Mhmmm." He said raising an eyebrow "Kyle will take you to your spots"

And Kyle did right in front of the stage between the gate and the stage. About 15 min later the lights went down in the room and came up on the stage a boy emerged it was Ashtion holding up his drum sticks as he made his way behind the kit and hit one of the drums sending a vibration through my body. I screamed and so did (Y/F/N). The other boys ran out with there instruments in hand and Ashton yelled into the mic and they started playing 'kiss me kiss me' we were jumping and singing Michael was almost right in front of us he kept looking over Us out to the crowd I wonder if he saw me if he would notice me. They started singing "long way home" and we started to sing Michaels eyes started to scan the front row then they came to a bit of shock when we meet eyes. He raised his eyebrows at me and sang his solo looking at me smiling I don't think he has ever looked so perfect. (Y/F/N) has yet to notice what is going on. She is to focused on Luke. He soon broke eye contact to a scan the crowd and from behind me I herd a girl scream to her friends that Michael just sang to her and hell maybe he did. A few songs later two boys were escorted next to me and (Y/F/N) it was Tomas and Adam.

"What r u guys doing here" I question. Adam has always had a thing for me and yes I had a thing for him at one point about 2 summers ago. And I'm more into the funny bad boy guitar playing singing quirky type. Aka Michael clifford.

"Your personal body guards. it's part of our job to watch over you. This summer when your here and when I told you're grandparents that I had sent you on your way they were outraged that we didn't go with u guys" a girl reached forward as if to reach for Michael (who was looking at me again as if questioning me but looking away quickly) Adam pulled me closer to him and forward closer to the stage as If to protect me from the girl. I rolled my eyes pushed away from him and moved back to the gate.

"I can protect myself" I told him. He tried to put an arm around my waist. " no! Stop it ! I don't like u I like him" I say pointing a finger at Michael." And you are running my night with my friend that I have been planing for months so please stop. I will explain everything to my grandparents so you don't get fired or a bad rep or whatever just back off" he gave me a look as if a fragile little flower just turned into a shark and I think it may have turned him on more. He put his hands up in serenader and took a step back I then focused my attention back on stage hopping Michael didn't see any of that but it happened kind of quick and he is on the other side of the stage Calum was on my side now looking at us smiling I smiled back and sang along to the song 18. As Calum passed Michael he gave him a little nod Michael smiles and is back at his mic. I sing his solo up to him "she's got a naughty tattoo in a place that

I wanna get to" he smiled at me and before I knew it there set was over it ended with she looks so perfect. About 5 min after they left the stage a big security man came up to me.

"Your are going to have to come with me" he said

"Can I ask why?" I asked

And his response was "no. Fallow me" so I did and. So did Adam and Tomas and (Y/F/N). We were led back stage and to a room in the back " just you ".he said then opened up the door we were standing in front of and putting a hand on my back leading me in then shutting the door behind me. I looked around to see four sweetie boys looking at me

"Oh my god it is you. Hot Nickleback jeep girl." Michael said. " I had to be sure I wasn't seeing things."

"Well thanks I guess" I let out a little nervous laugh and adjusted the plad shirt I had on trying to cover myself suddenly feeling like I was whirring to little clothing.

"Ohhh her laugh is cute too Mikey she's a keeper" Ashton said I giggled some more then covered my mouth and felt my face turn pink. Michael got up and came over to me giving me a hug.

"Awww stop blushing" I took my hand from my face and hugged him back a huge smile on my face.

" I always thought u guys were joking about being sweetly and smelling bad after a show but u were defiantly telling the truth." I say and feel Michael hug mr tighter.

"Ya sorry" they said and then sniffed themselves. Someone opened the door there guard I assume.

"The guys out here are saying there your sacurity and they will have a lawsuit on us in a few seconds if we don't let them see you."

"His dads a lower. And he's saposidly sapost to be watching over me for my grandparents. There harmless" I tell the guard who turns back to the hall to let them in

"So r u single? Because i couldn't really tell" Michael asks

"Yes I am-"

"Hell no she's not." Adam walked into the room.

"Ya know I take that back he is a little unpredictable so maybe just take the two guys back to the limo that should be out back. Do u have my keys Adam?" He glared at me from between two guards.

"Yes" he said

"Did I tell u that I could drive my car other then to get me gas?" I asked

"No mama"

"grate now give me my keys."he did as I asked and through them to me

"Thankyou" I say " we should be home soon if not we will. Be stuck in traffic or we might just get a hotel room around here somewhere."

"Okay let us know" tomes said a little embarised

"Will do" I smiled at them as they were escorted out of the room.

"Who r they" Luke aske a bit worried

"Um our body guards apparently" (Y/F/N) said. "Adam has a thing for (Y/N) but the fallings are not shared" she laughed. A little

"Okay then." Calum said smiling "what did you guys think?"

"Even better live" I said calmly.

"Thanks" luke said

"So what r u guys doing tonight?" Michael asked still standing next to me.

"Probably just go Home and walk the beach maybe go swimming" I Said " you guys should join us"

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