Niall horan fanfic

Hey everyone:) writing this new fanfic. If you would want to be in this story just tell me details, the boy you want and the type of relationship you have


3. :P

After I convinced Niall to put on some pants, you continued to make the egg which turned out to be a bit overcooked because if Niall. I got out 2 plates, forks, glasses, and put some toast in the toaster. "Niall, your breakfast is ready!" I yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Hold on, I'm still putting in clothes!" " I don't think it takes that long , but okay." Niall came down the stairs strutting in your bra, a thong he made "made" from one of his shirts, and some of your heels. He had on a bunch of my makeup and his hair was in two high ponytails." I'm a Victoria Secret angel. I got the job this morning." He said in a high pitched voice. I burst out laughing like crazy, making tears come out." Aww come on! You know you love it Davina." He said in his still high pitched voice. I wiped my eyes from any of these tears and complimented Niall on his outfit when we walked to the kitchen to eat breakfast. After I was done, Niall told me to go get my bathing suit on. I did as he said and ran upstairs to get in on. I put on a nice fitting light blue bathing suit which had white polka dots on it and some white flip flops. I put my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my sunglasses, my phone, and lastly my towel. I walked down the stairs to find Niall still not ready." Niall! Why aren't you ready?" I asked him." I was still hungry." he had said very innocently. I giggled and just told to get ready. Niall came down the stairs butt naked." Niall I already told you to put clothes on." " I can't find my swimming trunks. And don't act like you don't like it." He said with a wink and striking a pose." Did you check the laundry room?" " yep.....oh look it's under your arm." I looked and sure enough it was there." Oops I must have picked it up with my towel." I said." Did you do that? Or did you just wanted me naked." " I definitely grabbed it by mistake." " surreee" Niall then put on his trunks inn the living room. " babe is it fine if I bring the girls and you bring the boys?" Sure just tell them to meet us there." " okay" and with that we left.

Hey . So I hoped you liked it even though this might've been a boring chapter but oh whale I'm including the new characters the next chapter so keep reading for that... Well bye - Stephanie

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