Niall horan fanfic

Hey everyone:) writing this new fanfic. If you would want to be in this story just tell me details, the boy you want and the type of relationship you have


5. =^._.^=

The next morning I woke up feeling like I needed to throw up. I thought nothing of it, so i just slowly say up clutching my stomach since it hurt like crazy. I turned to my right to see Niall sleeping like a baby. I smiled and then my eyes went wide. I clutched my stomach harder, covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom. I made it to the toilet and emptied the remains that were in my stomach. 1 minute later, I felt someone holding back my hair. I turned to see Niall with a worried expression on his face. I turned to face him, half smiled and turned back to empty my tummy. Niall was rubbing my back with his fingers in circles while trying to calm my self down. When I was finished, Niall gave me a towel to wipe my mouth, and some mouthwash. "Thank you so much Niall" I said to him. " anything for my princess."I smiled and hugged Niall. Niall then carried me bridal style to my bed and tucked me in. " you don't have to Niall" " Davina you threw up, your probably sick. You stay in bed." I smiled and went to go take a shower to clean up. Niall joined me,scrubbed my hair, and just nuzzled his face in my neck. I giggled and just stood there with him. We got dressed after we were done and Niall did the same thing as he did before, by carrying me and tucking me in bed. "Now you stay here beautiful. I will bring you anything and everything you need." " thank you so much Niall." "No problem." I had nothing to do so I got on my phone and started texting the girls. I told them everything that just happened. Jenny came up with the crazy idea that I was possibly pregnant.



J: you could be pregnant. Just a suggestion.

D: I don't know. I mean we had sex like two days ago....

J: OMG you didn't tell us?!?;p DID HE USED PROTECTION??!??


J: there's your answer. Tommorow is Friday lets have a girls night and we will get you a test.

D:okay:) I will be at your house at 10 am tomorrow to have time for shopping, let's make it a sleep over !

J: haha:D okay bye


After I was done with that conversation, Niall came in the room with some soup, juice, fruit and a rose." Niall! Thank you." " your welcome Davina" he chuckled and just watched me. As I went to pick up the spoon for the soup, Niall grabbed it quicker and said that he was going to feed me.i just went along with it and let him do it. After I told Niall about the girls night tomorrow he said he would do the same with the boys. Not much happened that day, Niall carried you to a lot of places, the kitchen got super messy from trying to bake a cake, and you watched all the movies you possibly watch. By the time you were on the last movie, both of you fell asleep in each other's arms.

Sorry for the crappy chapter....I'm so sorry I didn't update earlier!! I had this huge test to study for and I just couldn't keep up. I hoped you liked it though!! In like 2chapters drama starts! Well bye! -Stephanie--

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