3. There's no place like home

When I saw my so called home I freaked out! It was huge! We had a big backyard and stuff. I got out of th car all excited! I wanted to see the inside, my room... Maxime opened the door, it smelled like pizza. Then I saw a elder women coming out of the kitchen. She wore a beautiful white dress but over that was a smoking black aperon.


-Grandma! I scram running towards her ready for a hug. She seemed really surprised

-I see she found some of her memories. said my dad who just enterred the door

I blushed

-Come. said Maxime

He took my hand and started climbing the stairs two-by-two. He opened a door than an other door. It looked like a personal hallway. Well it wasn't that big of an hallway. On the right was I think the bathroom and on the left was for sure the dressing room. But in front of us was a decorated door. I red "Hayley's Room". Maxime opened the door on a large room were in the corner was a fully decorated bed with little pigs and Mike from Monsters University. He ran to open the curtains so I could see better. The walls were white but a lot of posters were hanged on. I threw my bag on my bed and threw my self too. Maxime came to sit next to me so I sat up.

-Don't you remember anything? he asked

-I remember stuff from school but not from my friends, my familly...Gosh it's going to be hard. I said

-Don't worry Hayl's I will always be there for you. He rubbed my shoulder and I felt some butterflies in my stomach.

Of course I'm not in love because it's Maxime my best friend! I couldn't be in love with him... At least i'll try to. 

-Diners ready!!!! scram out my mother


Maxime took my hand again and pulled me all the way down till the dining room.

-Smells good what are we having? I asked

-Home made pizza. It's your favorite. There's little meatballs and peperonni with my secret tomato sauce... said my grandma

I smiled because that actually sounded really tasty. Finally I felt like home again. Not that nasty food they were giving me at the hospital. But my grandmas cuisine who I put in the 5 stars section. I smiled again because my head was getting messed up and causing me to remember some of my time with Maxime.


When we were done, I pulled Maxime apart.

-Max, I found a couple of memories back.

-That's great what do you remember?

-Our kiss



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