4. The thing we shared

He blushed:

-Our kiss???

-Yes. Max.

-How could it be the first thing you remember???

-Did you want hide from me?

-No. Not at all

-Then why are you sad when I tell you about our kiss?

-Because. You didn't like me like I liked you

-Look, Max. We can start everything over again. I lost my memories...


-would... go out with me?


I jumped to his neck causing us to fall

He whispered:

-I love you...

I asked my mom:

-Mom? Can Max stay over tonight????

-Yeah of course!

I took his hand and rushed to my room. I installed his sleeping bag and sitted on my bed.

-What age am I? I asked him

-You're 14.

-Tell me a funny thing that I did...

-Well, Hayley you did a lot of stuff that were funny. Once you showed up at school with your PJ top. Another day you thought it was the last day of school so at the last hour you yelled "WINTER!!' and everyone was starring at you.

I laughted

-Your cute when you laugh

I blushed. Then his face closer to mine but I pushed him away.

-Not for now...I'm scared

He backed away. Then I smiled. All night that day he hold my hand and I was pretty happy to feel loved and have a boyfriend like Maxime. 


I woke up with a strange smell of egg and bacon. I rushed downstairs, Max was talking to my mom. I pulled him closer to me so I could kiss him. He accepted.

-There's something new...said my mom

-Yeah mom. Me and Max have moved to the next level.

She smiled

-I remember my first boyfriend...she started saying

-SHUT UP!!! we scram together


He gave me a plate of eggs and bacon. I grabbed it and made my way to the dining table. Max sat on my left. I ate fastly and ran to my room. I prepared something for Maxime and I, we were going for a bike ride around the town...

When he saw me in my flowery sundress, his jaw almost droped. I smiled.

-You are gorgeous. he kissed my lips

-Let's go...

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