2. Memories

I woke up somewhere I didn't know. People were staring at me as if I had a bad cause of chicken pocks. I stood up to look at where I was but a woman held me to the bed.

-You shouldn't move...

-Who am I ? I asked

-You need to rest.

-Where am I?

-Doctor!!!! she cried out

A young men wearing a white blouse came in, he adjusted his glasses and staired at me like the others.

-Doctor, it seems she has no more memorie left...

-Don't worry Saunia I will handle this. he said

I repeated:

-Who am I? Who are you? Where am I?

-You are Hayley Williams right?

-I could I know?

A boy who looked my age crossed the room, when he saw me he ran in for a hug. I got shoked and pushed him away.

-Who are you? I asked disgusted 

-Don't you remember me? It's me Maxime....he said with hope

-Are you my boyfriend or something?

He blushed and said with a laugh:

-No! I'm Maxime your bestfriend! 

-Your not a girl....

He sat down embarrassed.Their were still 2 people left around the bed.

-Who are you two? I asked pointing at them

They smiled. It was an middled age couple holding on to a little box. The women at long brunette hair and the man had some silver hair. 

-This is for me? I asked pointing at the box

They smiled and handed me the box. I opened the box and inside was some pictures. The first one I took out was a picture of me hugging a boy. I smiled. I didn't know who it was really but that memory was overwalming.

-Who is that? I asked

-That's me....and you. said Maxime with a sad smile

The doctor interrupted:

-Well, you can talk about your relationships later. By the way she will be out tomorrow. By now you need to let her rest.

-Goodbye. I said



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