Real Or Not Real

For Draco Malfoy, the end of the war was the dawn of another bout of problems. But when his memory is erased by an almost fatal injury, The Order reconstructs his past and convinces him that Harry Potter had accepted his handshake. Does making Draco believe that he is a hero help in changing his real being? His true upbringing, fate, destiny, past and experiences?


2. Yer a Wizard, Draco!

Draco woke up within an hour. But this time, he refrained from opening his eyes. He just lay there listening to the conversations and occasionally making mental notes to track down a particular voice and gift them a well-deserved punch.


Initially, Draco had decided to wait them out, but after a while, he realised that the group had no plans on budging, therefore he opened his eyes to the group. And immediately all of them tensed towards him, looking expectantly.

 After a few moments of silence, the brunette – Mynee walked up to Draco.

“so, Malfoy, do you know who I am?” she asked him.

Draco felt like he must have known her. He searched his brief list of memories for her. No sign.

He remained silent.

“do you recognise anyone from here?” she asked him.

Draco looked around at the strange assortment. He felt like their names thrived at the tip of his tongue. Something he OUGHT to know. But no use at all.

He remained silent.

Mynee let out an exasperated sigh.

“you are called Mynee??” Draco asked, a sneer painted across his face.

Her eyes lit up for a second as she looked at him expectantly. He noticed that the others tensed up too.

“I heard one of them calling you.” Draco said as he delicately crashed their hopes.

More exasperated sighs. Draco wanted to throttle every single cell thriving in the room.

“You have a weird name.” Draco commented. “My Knee!!” he laughed villainously.

He had a feeling that he was going to be thrashed by the sticks that each person in the room yielded. And the fact that he was pierced by umpteen wires and pipes did nothing to help.

“I am Her-My-Oh-Nee. But you can call me Granger. That’s what you used to call me anyways.” She said dismissively.

Draco sat up straight and looked around. Lost. He was void. Void of words, memories, thoughts, feelings, hope and overall- he was void of life. He felt empty.

“How did this happen to me?” he asked lifting his hands which were pierced with tubes.

“You- you don’t remember?? Hermione asked; she had gone red.

“No.” said Draco frankly.

“The doctor’s right.” She turned and announced to the crowd.

The red head mumbled something about Muggles, Healers and St. Mungo’s.

“Listen!” Hermione pleaded. “He is suffering from amnesia. The blow on the head must have done it.” She informed them.

“What do we do with him?” asked the boy with vintage glasses. He was eyeing Draco as if he were a piece of scrap he did not know how to deal with.

“Help him. Ofcourse!” suggested Hermione.

“Listen, Hermione.” Said the redhead, who was clearly troubled about helping Draco.

“We don’t blame you for what happen to Malfoy. You don’t need to help him. WE don’t need to help him. The Malfoys will be here any minute. We’ll turn him in and then we’ll leave. See?? As easy as that.” He added reinforcing his words with weird hand gestures.

“Ron!!” Hermione eyed him sternly.

“Okay, everybody, each one of you tell malfoy something about himself.” She ordered.

She turned to Draco and named each one of his visitors so that he’d feel more comfortable with them.

Draco paused for a moment looking at them and downing their names. Then he rearranged his mental notes. Ronald Weasley needed punching.

“Well,” started Harry Potter, “You don’t have any siblings.” He said after half an hour’s thought.

“You are usually RUDE.” Said Ginny Weasley.

“Well, You have a particular liking for ferrets.” Added George Weasley. It helped his memory so much!

“You are a daddy’s boy!” Mrs. Weasley beamed.

Draco buried his head in his hands for a moment.

“You are a douche bag. No offense. Common opinion.” Ron Weasley commented.

Make it two punches, Draco ordered his head.

“Well, I heard that your family smuggled in drugs which increased the concentration of nargles.” Said Luna.

Draco decided against asking what Nargles were.

“Well, you like apples.” Said Neville Longbottom helpfully.

“You don’t like muggles.” Said Mr. Weasley. He clearly did not approve of it.

“What are Muggles?” he asked Hermione.

“Well, it’s a colloquial name for non-magical people” she said matter-of-factly.

“Non MAGICAL?” Draco asked completely distracted.

“Yeah you know- some wizards don’t exactly-” Hermione was cut short by Draco.

“Wizards??” Draco shrieked.

“Yeah!” said Hermione.

“You’re a wizard, Draco.” Said Hermione with a straight face.

Suddenly, Draco started looking at the sticks with hostility.

He was a wizard. They didn’t think it important to tell him that?

No. Ofcourse not. The fact that he liked apples was more important at the moment.

For the second time, Draco passed out.

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