Real Or Not Real

For Draco Malfoy, the end of the war was the dawn of another bout of problems. But when his memory is erased by an almost fatal injury, The Order reconstructs his past and convinces him that Harry Potter had accepted his handshake. Does making Draco believe that he is a hero help in changing his real being? His true upbringing, fate, destiny, past and experiences?


4. The Burrow

Reasons why Draco was unceremoniously eradicated from the muggle hospital:

1. His growing horde of visitors were starting to creep everybody out.

(though Draco won't admit it, They often scared him too.)


2. His arrogance kicked in the minute those tubes were removed.

( In his defence, That doctor had it coming - jabbing him with pins when he was helpless...)


3. Granger was overenthusiastic about taking him to, of all places, a school. A pretty funny one at that too- HogWarts. Where there is a slight emphasis on the warts.


4. This school seems to be a safe haven for Draco at the time being. 'Though, apparently, all that happened in the school speaks against it.' Draco refrained from demanding additional details.


5. Weaslette (the one to whom Draco now owes three punches) claims that Draco is being a drama queen and exaggerating things 'just like he did when he met the Hippo Cliff.'




Soon after his discharge, Draco was transported to the country side - to The Burrow.

A good name that, Draco sneered in his mind.

The Weasley house just made him uncharacteristically happy.

He prepared a few potshots to aim at Weasley at regular intervals - not too far paced.

'Hey Weaslette, you a rabid? (as in rabbit... which lives in the burrow... which is weaslette's house)'  was Draco's MOST creative one. He couldn't wait to try it on him.

But unfortunately, Weaslette steered well clear of him. Probably some previous enemity of theirs maybe... Maybe Draco punched him in the face a long time ago and Weaslette stayed clear of him since then.


This thought, however, aroused Draco's interest on his previous heroic exploits. So he turned over to Harry and Kingsley who sat across him at the dinner table. He had barely spoken to the pair of them. But he had barely spoken to any. And seeing as no one was around, he decided that this would do for a comfortable beginning.


Draco waited for a pause between their conversation to break in. There was none. They fired words at each other as if in a verbal duel, albeit this was a friendly one. A friendly banter over the dinner table about the execution of traitors. Draco felt invisible shivers run down his spine. But he morphed his face to a bland expression and readied himself to break in.


"Well, I think a DeMentor's kiss is a petty way to trouble a traitor" said Draco considering that it was a safe yet intelligent comment.


He received cold stares from the other two.


"You think otherwise?" Draco asked. Comically raising an eyebrow.

More stares.

"Well... I guess I don't want to know what's a DeMentor then."

Confused stares.

Draco felt like retreating into a cozy underground chamber.

"you don't know what a DeMentor is?" Harry Potter asked him.

"Nah." said Draco punching him lightly in the arm. He hoped that was friendly enough to break the embarrassing silence.


Harry withdrew immediately and instinctively brought up his wand.


Harry Potter and Kingsley Shacklebolt ceased their discussion and took up the task of staring Draco down.


Several people walked in at regular intervals and Draco searched for reason to leave... no avail.

The Weasley Girl

just saying 'Hi' to her got Harry Potter flaring. Hello? Someone's got jealousy issues. Already. Well potter is justified there... Draco can't help the good looks. Though they definitely aren't hereditary.



Never mind


Hermione. Or Granger.

She walked in nose deep in the book and walked out nose deep in a book and a throbbing toe. Ouch.


Mother and Father Weasley.

The father still glares at him. Well, he cares too much about his ribs to approach the mother.


George Weasley.

Draco had been to his room a while ago. The toffees did NOT taste good.


The Older Weasley Kids.

Intimidated... More like disgusted in the nerdy one's case.


Draco sighed at Harry and Kingsley. They intensified their glares.

It was going to be a long day, Draco sighed. Or rather a long week or a month. Mostly a year. Or it could be a long lifetime (unless he got his memory back. real quick.)


a/n: sorry for not updating in a long time.


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