Real Or Not Real

For Draco Malfoy, the end of the war was the dawn of another bout of problems. But when his memory is erased by an almost fatal injury, The Order reconstructs his past and convinces him that Harry Potter had accepted his handshake. Does making Draco believe that he is a hero help in changing his real being? His true upbringing, fate, destiny, past and experiences?


1. My Name is DRACO MALFOY?!?! ugh!!


Draco woke up to a strange assortment of faces. Some looked concerned while others glowered like they would bang him back to unconsciousness anyway. The minute he lifted a single eyelid, they all backed off as if he were a vicious monster. Only one girl remained.

Her face was creased with concern as she looked down at him, her hazel brown eyes looked worried and troubled. Draco forced himself up and looked around. His first and only thought was to get rid of the tubes pierced into his every side.

He looked around the room, behind the weird people surrounding him; Draco could make out a rather strange scene. Men dressed in white coats were moving around with notepads, piercing people with needles, pressing against their hearts with some strange metallic thing that went all the way up to their ears with the help of tubes.

He now took to observe each one of his visitors. There was one with a tuft of wild black hair sticking out- he wore round spectacles, next to him stood a beautiful ginger girl. To her right stood a tall boy who looked a lot like the ginger girl, except a little taller, his face was covered with freckles. Many more gingers stood next him. Tall, short, stout, ugly, scarred, earless, motherly… Draco’s eyes literally blurred looking at the ginger group. He pulled a tuft of his hair wishing that they weren’t his family.

His hair was blond. Draco sighed with relief.

Next to the ginger gang stood a pretty girl with blond hair and blue eyebrows. Her ears had glowing sticks dangling from them. Next to her stood a tall, dark haired boy in a cardigan.

“Malfoy?” hesitated the spectacled dark haired boy.

Draco looked at him for a second. And returned to observing the girl who now stood next to him.

She was about as tall as himself. Out of all the others, the brunette seemed to be most concerned bout him.

“’Mione?” muttered the spectacle guy. “why isn’t his speaking? Surely he hasn’t lost his voice?” he asked.

“I dunno harry.” Answered the brunette who was probably named Mynee.

“draco?” she said as she looked in his direction.

Draco looked behind wondering who had such a disastrous name.

She repeated the same name quite a few times. Then, to his horror, Draco realised it was him she was calling out to. why on EARTH would he be called Draco?!??

“don’t call me that!” Draco snapped. He sensed quite a few clenched fists some even withdrew sticks defensively. Draco wanted to laugh. But then again, he was soo frail he wondered whether he could take on even one of the stick brandishing strangers.

“right. Sorry.” Mynee said quickly. “Malfoy, how do you feel?” she asked.

Draco had another quick look to search for a person named Malfoy. He was NOT going to be called these… things. Just because he was out for a few hours does NOT mean these people can call his names and he’ll shut up.

But something about the girl’s face told him that she wasn’t calling him names. She semed too good to be the kind. Wait. That mean HIS name was…

“what’s my name?” he asked her as casually as if he were asking for HER name.

“umm…..” the girl looked at him as if he were mad.

“Draco Malfoy.” She complied though hesitantly.

Draco passed out.

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