Real Or Not Real

For Draco Malfoy, the end of the war was the dawn of another bout of problems. But when his memory is erased by an almost fatal injury, The Order reconstructs his past and convinces him that Harry Potter had accepted his handshake. Does making Draco believe that he is a hero help in changing his real being? His true upbringing, fate, destiny, past and experiences?


5. A/N

Hola everybody!

Thank you for the reads and favorites.

I am going to have a real hectic year ahead. Hence I wont be able to update frequently. So I wanted to tell y'all that I will be discontinuing (or putting it on hold) for this year. I might update something on long weekends and holidays but.. I am afraid I will be unable to keep the plot moving. Don't worry. I will republish this movella in exactly a year. Please read it then with the same enthusiasm that you have shown now. I really wish I could carry on. But, academics demands a lot more than that.


This isn't the end of Draco's story. Infact it isn't even a beginning. So I will be back. till then:

so long :D



I will check my account at regular intervals so you can place your queries there :D

Thank You!

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