Save you tonight

Nicketta,Quinn,ally and violet are all friends and live in a in a small town. Nicketta and ally both love one direction but Quinn and violet don't but they also don't hate them. One day one directions bus crashes and they end up having to stay at Nickettas apartment what will happen when she finds she is in love with Niall


6. Up town

I pushed the messy bit of hair behind my ear while grabbing some milk I'm going up town today after the girls get back from work because violet works on a farm and teaches people to ride and ally works as a cloths designer and Quinn is a model and now I work as a teacher at my old school. After the milk I went to have a shower but the door was locked "wait a minute"Niall practically moaned. "What is he doing in there" i whispered he's been in there for 5 minutes so I grabbed the spear key and opened the door to see Niall having sex on my bathroom floor with a fake blonde "harder babe" the fake moaned making me gag then Niall turned around "what are you doing" I asked "what do you think" the fake moaned "well not In here" I said "fine then bitch" the fake said leaving I opened the door and she left and then Niall looked at me and slapped my ass before leaving "I'd like to see you in the shower"he whispered "eww gross" I said shutting the door behind him and getting into the shower. "Goal" I yelled "we won"me and violet yelled "k I've gotta go now"I said grabbing my bag "k see you at netball" Quinn said "k". When I got home the boys were in the games room playing cod I saw Niall and then left I am not talking to him he makes eveything awkward so I went to bed coz it was 9:15 so I stripped to my bra and undies "nice body love" I turned to see where the voice came from It was Niall "get out I said slamming the door in his face dick head.



im soo sorry for the short chapter but can you guys pls comment on my books

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