Save you tonight

Nicketta,Quinn,ally and violet are all friends and live in a in a small town. Nicketta and ally both love one direction but Quinn and violet don't but they also don't hate them. One day one directions bus crashes and they end up having to stay at Nickettas apartment what will happen when she finds she is in love with Niall


1. New job

I raced through digby park and out the gates and stopped on chalmers ave and ran across the road I know they say don't run across the road you can get your self hurt and shit like that but yolo. After 5 minutes off running I finally reached the school that I went to when I was little I'm applying for a job even though I'm only 19 they let me have a shot at the job. I fixed myself up and walked through the office doors and I was greted by a ladie at the desk "urm can I please speak to mr Melrose" I asked politely "sure in there love" she said pointing to his office just how I remember it. I opened the door to his office and he was on his computer then he spun round on his chair looked at me and smiled "Nicketta I haven't seen you in ages" he said shaking my hand "alright we're just gonna go through you files" he said I nodded ok "so you started baby sitting when you were 14 and then done training for being a teacher at 17" "yes so is that good"yes you got the job your class will be room 2" "thank you when do I start""Monday" "ok" I walked out the door and into the fresh air I walked down church st to see my friend violet I walked up to her door like I always did since I was little she brought this place off her parents so she's lived here all her life practically. "Ding dong"I said walking into her house "nick is that you" I herd her say from the lounge "no it's a robber get down and put your hands up"I said making a gun from my hands "that reminds me of the day that we went to see a movie we were in the theatre and you went over to the shooting game didn't put in money and started shooting the deer on the screen making gun noises and then you turned around and yelled "guys you saw me shoot that didn't you" and then we went over to another game and pretended we didn't know you" violet laughed then I started laughing to at the past we did weird things when we were about 12 I thought. "So did you get the job"violet said taking a bit of a apple "yes I did I got    room 2 with the little kids" i said raiding her fridge "ohh Nando's yum" I said taking out a burger and eating it "so you wanna go up town tomorrow me and ally are going to go after work" I nodded coz I had Nando's in my mouth and I couldn't speak. I finished my Nando's and walked home I was on my street when I herd a crash I turned around to see what it was a bus had crashed into a wall and another car was In the side of the bus I rushed over to see if everything was alright then five boys came out of the bus the looked fine just shocked wait thats one direction I love them I walked up to them and tried not to fan girl "are you guys alright" I said "yes we're fine but now we've got no place to sleep"zayn replied "I've got a lot of spear rooms you guys can stay with me" I said "looks like the only choice because your not asking for any money" Paul said grabbing the bags grate my house is just over there"I said pointing to my house "good it's close come on boys lets get you guys sorted"Paul said and with that we were off I walked up to my door with the boys close behind me I opened the door and walked in side "dibs" Louis said running into my big brothers old room I brout this house off mum and dad coz it had so many good memories. The boys have all settled in now and we are going to sleep coz its 12:30 pm and the boys are tired. I climbed into bed snuggling into the nice warm sheets and as soon as my head hit the pillow eveything went black.

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