Save you tonight

Nicketta,Quinn,ally and violet are all friends and live in a in a small town. Nicketta and ally both love one direction but Quinn and violet don't but they also don't hate them. One day one directions bus crashes and they end up having to stay at Nickettas apartment what will happen when she finds she is in love with Niall


7. Lazy day

I sat on the couch watching spongebob I love him he's awesome then Niall came in "eww get out of my room" I yelled "oh I just came to tell you we're all alone the boys have left and they aren't coming back until 5:30 pm" he smirked coming closer until he was towering above me "what do you want Niall" I said pissed "I just wanna make you feel good" he whispered in my ear making me get goosebumps down my arms "n n no" I stammered "it's ok baby we will take it slow first off is fingering" he said pulling down my shorts and undies and I was now lying on the couch helpless as much as I say no he knows I mean yes "ok baby spread your legs for me" he said picking me up and placing me gently on the bed so I did "now I know your a virgin so I will be gentile I promise" he said getting ready to finger me "are you ready" I nodded my head yes "ok" he said sliding his fingers in me he done this for a while and right before I was about to cum he stopped "ok I think your ready" he said pulling down his pants and then his boxers to reveal a large member standing tall "ok on 3.. 123" he slammed into me tearing my virginity from me then he started thrusting it hurt at first but now it feels so good I let out a moan making him go faster and again and again and again until I felt myself get tight around his large member then I felt his warm juices fill me and then he slid out of me panting "you sure do tire a man out babe " he said caching his breath "so what you wanna do today" I said changing the subject "urm what about watch a movie and relax like a lazy day" he said putting on his jeans while I put on mine "perfect what movie" "divergent or I am legend" "divergent" he said putting in the movie. "That was so sad" we cried out together omg it already 9:30 pm I've gotta sleep "Niall I've got work tomorrow I've gotta get some sleep" I said trying not to be rude "ok looks like we're going to bed he said climbing into bed with me cuddling me into his warm chest "night love" he said making me smile "night"

sorry for the short chapter  

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