Luke hemmings imagines

Thought i would just make a few short imagines for you's who love luke xxx



Authors notes

I'm so so so sorry I've not been able to update in a while I will try do it more, don't hate me x



I woke up really late on a Saturday morning, I moaned as I lifted my head to see what time it was, 12:30. I rolled over and smiled, seeing my gorgeous boyfriend luke cuddling into one of my teddy bears. I got out of bed quietly but luke still seemed to of heard me, 'Y/N,why you up so early?' He said moaning,

'Luke, it's nearly 1 o'clock' I say giggling

'Oh, oh well, shall we go down and get some breakfast?' He said in a stupid posh voice making me laugh

'Yes we shall' I say, joining in with the accents.

Luke jumped out of bed and slapped my bum as I walked out the door.

When we got to the kitchen I jumped up onto one of our benches and luke went searching for food.

'What would you like babe?'

'Cornflakes please baby' I say as he was over to me with the box in his hand, he walks between my legs and says,

'Kiss me or you won't get any breakfast'

What was ment to be 1 small kiss turned into a big full on snog, we both laughed as we parted.

'I love mornings with you Y/N'

'I love you so much lukey'

'I love you more'

'I love you most'

I say as we begin a fairytale kiss 💋


I'm such a bad writer

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