Luke hemmings imagines

Thought i would just make a few short imagines for you's who love luke xxx


4. New chapter

I'm so happy!!!! I got 860 reads!! Thank you guys so much so here's and update ;)


How you meet::

It's the day of the rock out with your socks out concert and I'm super excited!!! I'm all ready and me and my best friends are in line to get to our seats, the concerts gonna start in 40 mins so they went to go get food and I'm alone in line.

I'm texting the girls when somebody with their hood up pushes infront of me, " excuse me!!"

They keep they're head low

" I was infront of you can u please not push in?!"

"It dosnt matter, I don't have a ticket anyways"

He had a full thick Australian accent

" w what?? Are you"

He turns his head and smile at me

"Y y y your l l luke h h h "


I hold my mouth shut and he laughs and so do I

"Hey, do u wanna go on a date??"



"YES!! I mean yeh that would be cool"

"Cool haha" he says giving me his number and running off round the back...

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