Luke hemmings imagines

Thought i would just make a few short imagines for you's who love luke xxx


2. 2

You and luke are out walking hand in hand down the street when all of these photographers come straight towards you. They start to surround you and taking pictures with the bright flash which was making you feel sick. Luke could clearly tell and he grabbed your hand even tighter, pulled you out of the crowd and you guys ran for it. Then you hid in a alley way till they were gone, you started laughing and ended up in this big kiss.


You were in a 5sos concert and they come running onstage and luke sees you and gives you the biggest smile you had ever seen then said,

"We are going to sing she looks so perfect for a special someone" he winked at you and started singing.

Sorry i didnt do very many guys but i will try and update soon, hope you like them xx - L

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