Every Night

Entry for the *Forever Song Competition*


3. First Taste

I walked down Robyn Street, my hands in my pockets and my nose flaring as the hunger for human blood became almost out of control, pushing my restraint to its absolute maximum. The night had only just fallen, granting me position to begin my hunt, but the street was filled with regret. The smell made me gag and it took everything I had to not snap the dodgy-looking men and women’s neck to save them from a miserable life. None of them were murderers, but they’d all done things they shouldn’t have, hence the regret.

     At the intersection my slow-motion vision showed me all the possible victims in the car; girls going to clubs with stilettos and short dresses, men and women dressed in their scrubs after leaving the hospital, families going out to dinner. I chuckled at that last possibility. I’d be really treating myself if I decided to take on a family…could I do it? I scoffed. Of course I could.

     I let my slow-motion vision go and dodged the traffic as I hurried after them at a sluggish human pace. I stopped for a moment, looking around to cover the fact that I was trying to extend my flawless hearing to the car. I pictured it, the engine rumbling at the traffic lights and the baby girl crying in the backseat while her mother tried to soothe her from the front and her toddler brother poked and prodded at her face. The image was vaguely familiar, taking me back to the days when Sara and I were children, before we’d become vampires and I’d killed our parents because the bloodlust was too much for me to handle as a new vampire. Feeding on them was unrewarding, though. Family members tasted too standard, like eating plain rice instead of a spicy, tasty Thai green curry.

     Finally, I grabbed hold of the car and took off in its direction, leaving the passing by humans behind at a suspicious pace. The thought of tonight’s feed excited me, made me tingly and strong with craving. I had caught up to the car in less than five seconds, my plan to keep my inhuman speed hidden from the humans failed.

     I flared my nostrils, trying to pick their scent, and a soapy, musky rose fragrance filled my nose and challenged me. I’d know that smell anywhere. I knew it because, though we’d encountered no more than three times, she wore her prize, her meals, and smelt even stronger than humans. She was irresistible and I knew if I didn’t keep chasing the family’s car, I wouldn’t be able to escape the desire to drink her blood. She would be my first vampire victim.

     I spun around, hoping I could keep my teeth normal and focuses on killing humans. Carey leant up against the old bank, a small, brick building, with her arms crossed over her chest and her mouth moulded into a sexy smile as she watched me, interested. I straightened up and my arms fell at my sides, fists clenched as I shut off my thirst long enough to speak with her. She kicked off the wall, her blood hair falling about her shoulders and blowing her scent in my face almost as if her body was purposely teasing me. I stepped away, keeping my distance.

     ‘Tanner,’ Carey greeted with a seductive smile and half-wave thing. ‘It’s been a while. I’ve missed you.’

     I backed myself up against a bin and gripped it with sweating hands, my legs trembling slightly. Anyone would have thought I was afraid of her, she was a hundred years old, but it was how desirable she was to me, how much her blood was asking me to drink her dry. She was four hundred years older than me, meaning she was must stronger and quick, but I always had the element of surprise up my sleeve and my craving for her blood. Those two things would grant me the opportunity to feed on her.

     ‘Missed me?’ I snorted, my throat ablaze.

     ‘Yes, why is that so surprising?’ Carey asked, taking a daring step toward me and closing the safe distance between us. She put one cold hand on my neck and stroked my skin, her breath making my canines descend. It wasn’t painful, but it wasn’t exactly comfortable. She leaned in, for a kiss I suppose, and I ducked out of her arms, ending up at the end of the block. Carey laughed quietly, but I still heard it and saw it perfectly.

     ‘I see that you’re still chasing the humans,’ she said, her voice carrying all the way down the street. ‘Isn’t that a bit old for you Tanner? Vampires have been feeding on vampires lately. It’s the latest trend.’ She sneered. ‘I heard you’re sister’s into it.’

     ‘Sara’s into herself. She’s narcissistic.’

     ‘Mm,’ Carey murmured, ‘interesting. But you’re more intriguing.’

     ‘Oh?’ I asked, turning away from her. She was in front of me in an instant and her scent hit me in the face like a whip. I stumbled away and covered my mouth, willing my fangs to go away.

     ‘You’re a vampire blood virgin.’


     She snorted. ‘So, I want to fix that. I know you’re craving me, my hundred years of vampirism heightened my senses. I’m offering my neck to you and you’re going to take it because my blood smells really good to you.’ She closed the distance between us and grabbed me around the neck, tugging me to her with her amazing strength. Nothing I could do would be able to fight her off. She was too strong.

     Carey’s lips found my neck, slobbering up and across my collarbone until I could feel her smooth, gluey teeth against my chilled skin, finding the best pace to puncture. I tried to wriggle out of her arms, yelping and crying out for her to stop, but once she bit me there was nothing I could do. My whole body went numb.

     At first, her feeding on my vampire blood was horrifically painful and my whole world blurred and my hearing shut off, just a dull hum messing up with my head. Her fingernails digging into my arms hurt as well.

     But then I began to feel pleasure. I suddenly wanted to give myself to Carey, to drain all my blood and watch her drink it, pleased. I wanted to see the light in her eyes when she made hunt on me, another vampire with who she shared a sexual and blood craving for.

     Carey pulled away a second or two after I’d started enjoying myself and threw me across the path to the wall, where I hit my head and slumped to the ground, my bones crunched by cracking straight back into place. Her fangs allowed me to see how much she’d enjoyed drinking my blood, it was oddly satisfying, and she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

     I shot up into a standing position, feeling my shape canines descend and lunged for her. It was an alien inside of me that fuelled me to bite her, to taste her blood, but I happened and she gave herself up willingly. Carey held me by the waistband of my jeans and moaned as I sunk my teeth into her, sucking faster than I ever had.

     When it was done, I fell to the ground, but it wasn’t in weakness, it was in realisation of what I’d just done. I’d just fed on a vampire and she’d liked it, I’d liked it. I laughed to myself and enjoyed the burst of awesome strength I felt, until I realised it was permanent. Drinking vampire blood would make me a better vampire.

     With that thought, I shot back around and saw Carey waited for me, her neck bared.

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