Hi I'm Sammy a.k.a smantha so my brother is louis from 1D and I'm gonna tell you how going on your with 1D can be a good thing and a bad thing we'll there is definitely gonna be love and hate so read this to find out what happens


2. meeting him again

Sam's pov

I woke up on a sunny day it was really hot and that meant I can go surfing with my best friend sofia. I live right in front of the beach because I love surfing I guess I learned a lot from my brother louis. I mean before he forgot that he had a sister in California and not in the u.k I have not seen him in 5 years wich hurt me a lot because we were so close people even said that we could be twins after doing everything together. It was 10:00 am I usually go surfing at 11:00 am so that gave me time to dress up and other stuff to get ready. As I was gonna get my surf board to meet Sofi out there I got a call from an unknown number I answered my phone and a really familiar voice said hello in that British accent I've been dying to hear for 5 years.


Louis (L) Sammy (S)

L-hello is this Sammy

S umm yea and you are

L-Sam don't pretend like you don't know who this is

S-fine what do you want just make it quick I have somewhere to be in 20 mins but you obviously had somewhere to be in 5 years.

L-look I know you hate me but..

S- I don't hate you I'm just disappointed that you never visited me when you were here in Cali..

L-I didn't visit you because it hurts me to know that my sister grew up with out me Sammy your my only sister that I actually can relate to you know everything about me that no one else does

S-louis I love you but you didn't need to make a speech like that *both laughing* haha

L-ok I was gonna say will you come with me I tour to be an opening act please lil sis.

S- did you ask the boys and mangement?

L-of course they both want to meet you ASAP...

S-like how soon cuz I'm going surfing know what I'll cancel surfing just meet me at my house in 4 hours alright?!?!

L-sounds good to me

~end of convo~

Sofi's pov

Sam said I her at her house cause she was gonna go on your with 1D I mean she dosnt deserve to go she's a bitch with no talent. I'm only her friend because I'm gonna make her take me on tour with 1D so I can have all 5 boys wanting my body every night. You can say I'm using her I'm a model with Sam and you didn't here this from me but she is a slut I don't like her I don't know how anyone could like her

Harry's pov

Sam is pretty hot and beautiful I've never felt this way about another girl and sofia looks like an awful slut but we have to take her on tour or else Sam won't go.


I finally met my sister she looks so grown up and pretty well were at the tour bus already so now it's time to see what will happen during tour I hope everyone gets along

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