Hi I'm Sammy a.k.a smantha so my brother is louis from 1D and I'm gonna tell you how going on your with 1D can be a good thing and a bad thing we'll there is definitely gonna be love and hate so read this to find out what happens


3. falling in love

Harry's pov

It's been 3 weeks on tour and we are gonna have our first concert next week I can twain to see what Sam sings for opening act she has a beautiful voice even. I'm hoping to make her mine before next week. Sofi and Niall are dating and Sofi is becoming a bitch to us but she told us even Sam that she used Sam just to get close to us and not when we tell Niall he won't believe us because he said he found his princess but the right word for princess is whore. Sam is the real princess she's so kind and loving and will cheer up anyone even if she doesn't know them. She is so kind to the fans even when there hating on her. But on the other hand Sofi is a bitch to our fans she said that they can go fuck them self just cause a little 8 year old asked for a photo without her in the picture. Sam and I have been watching the notebook and right now I am trying so hard not to kiss her on her pink lips. I guess since everyone is asleep that does not mean Niall and sofia because each night there having sex and I guess that's all sofia wants to do. But I guess it's time to ask sam to be my girlfriend.

H-hey umm Sam


H-do you think I should tell a girl how I feel about her when I only knew her for 3 weeks.

S-I guess so that's long enough curly you should tell her cuz ur an amazing guy to be with

H-alright Sam Tomlinson I think I'm falling in love with you and I need you to be mine?

S- I'd love to

I leaned in for a kiss and when I touched those soft lips it hit me..I have the perfect girl in my arms

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