Homeless and Addicted

Madison has been living out in the streets for a long time. She's homeless and was addicted to some different drugs before, she would continue if she could but she doesn't have enough money to buy more. One day she stumbles into Zayn, he's one of the few people who are kind to her. Zayn will help her, he's determined to.


4. 4

I woke up and took a shower, as I have been doing since I have been here. I stood in front of the tall, brown wardrobe, wrapped in my blue towel, trying to decide what to wear. It has been a long time since I have had a large selection of clothing to choose from. I decided on a long sleeved black crop top with daisies and ripped black jeans. There were just so many great clothes Zayn had bought for me.

I really didn't want him to waste his money on me. He should have saved it for something else, something or someone more important than me. I'm not worth spending all that money on.

"Are you ready?!" Zayn yelled from, I assume, his room

"One more minute!" I replied leaving my hair wavy

I slipped on my black vans and hurried towards Zayn.

Zayn was going out with his friends and he invited me to go with them. I was a bit hesitant to accept his invitation but I did, reluctantly.

"You look great! The boys are going to love you!" he smiled when he saw me

"Thanks..." I said, quite awkwardly

"Where are we going?" I asked

I know, I should have asked him right after I said yes to going but he left as soon as I said I would.

"We're just going to go hang out at Harry's house"


We arrived at a house, quite big may I add, and I walked slowly towards the front door.

"C'mon Maddie!" Zayn said

Maddie? That's new.

"They are all really cool, you don't have to feel strange around them" he said trying to make me less nervous

His voice and that smile was so soothing I have to admit I was a bit calmer.

"Ok but my name is Madison not Maddie"

"Well Maddie is your nickname"


I decided it would be best not to argue with the person who basically saved my life. Plus, I've never actually been the type of person to argue over stuff. I sort of just accept things because I'm too scared to speak up.

A boy with brown curls and green eyes opened the door and welcomed us in.

"Harry, this is Madison. Madison, this is Harry" Zayn said introducing us

"Nice to meet you, Madison" Harry said

"You too"

We walked to the living room to see three boys sitting on the couch. The first one I saw had blonde hair and beautiful eyes the colour of the ocean. The boy sitting in the middle had a tanner complexion and green eyes and the third boy had chocolate brown eyes with brown hair.

"This is Niall, Louis, and Liam" Zayn said pointing at each one as he said their name.

"Guys this is Madison" He said introducing me

I waved and said hi.

"Hi, are you Zayn's girlfriend?" Louis said

I was surprised by the question I didn't expect one of his friends to ask that.

My shock must have been evident since he quickly apologized for assuming that I was Zayn's girlfriend. He looked worried so I assured him that it was alright.

"It's fine but no, I'm not zayn's girlfriend" I smiled

I think I saw Zayn's shoulders drop a bit as I said that.

No, I'm sure I probably just imagined it.

It wouldn't be a bad thing though, to date Zayn but I just can't see that happening in a foreseeable future.

"So what I'm hearing is you're single?" smirked Niall

I laughed awkwardly.

"He's just kidding" Liam said

I wasn't entirely sure I believed him but I said a simple 'Ok'.

I sat down next to Zayn.

They started talking about football and I just stayed quiet since I knew absolutely nothing about sports. They didn't seem to notice my absence so I just sunk in my seat and zoned out.

"Are you ok Madison? You're being awfully quiet" Zayn said

Well no shit Sherlock.

I didn't actually say that of course, I tried to be as polite as I can.

Wait why did he call me Madison, I thought he was going to call me Maddie.

"Oh nothing's wrong. I just don't know much about football"

"I'll just have to teach you one day then"

"If I were you I wouldn't waste my time on that Zayn"

We all laughed and talked about a lot of stuff and then Harry ordered three boxes of pizza. I thought that seemed like way too much just for six people but you should see the way these boys eat. They are literally like animals.

Harry belched loudly after eating his last slice and he burped right in my face.

"Ew, Harry at least turn away from me before you do that!" I said shoving him

"But it wouldn't be funny if I had done that"


It was a fun night I guess. Much better than I'm used to. We ended up leaving at nine even though we had got there at one o'clock.

"Did you like them?" Zayn asked

"Yeah, they seem cool"

"Sorry that Niall's so horny, and Louis' question" he said scratching the back of his neck

It's pretty awkward for him to bring that up again.

"It's ok"

We were both quiet the whole ride home. I shouldn't call his flat home because, well its his flat. Not mine and I'll probably not be able to stay there forever. Nor do I want to, I would hate to be always needy and asking him for stuff.

I wish I could have a place to call home.

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