Homeless and Addicted

Madison has been living out in the streets for a long time. She's homeless and was addicted to some different drugs before, she would continue if she could but she doesn't have enough money to buy more. One day she stumbles into Zayn, he's one of the few people who are kind to her. Zayn will help her, he's determined to.


3. 3

I had a terrible dream where I was beaten but no one came to save me. I woke up sweating at five in the morning.

I remembered I had been in the streets for a long time without being able to bathe. I probably smelled horrible so I took a shower. I put on the same dirty clothes since I had nothing else.

"Why are you up so early?" Zayn said as he walked out of his room.

"Why are you up so early?" I retorted

I didn't want to admit that I was up early because I had a nightmare.

He just shrugged and said he usually woke up at this time. I lied and said the same.

I went back to the room to brush my hair because it was quite frizzy. My hair was bothering me because it kept falling over my eyes so I put it in a pony tail with the hair tie Lauren gave me.


I have to go help her. What if she's already gone?

"Zayn! We have to go back!" I shouted as I ran towards him

"Why?" He said grabbing his keys

"My friend. She might be in trouble." I said as we hurried towards his car

We arrived near the alley and I knew exactly where to go. I saw fewer people then there were when I was here last night. I went over to where Lauren always stayed. She wasn't there so I looked around to see if she was asking for money. She wasn't either so I asked anyone who stayed in the alley if they had seen her.

"After you two left that terrible man came back and took her just before daylight. They were taking the girls I think they were part of some prostitution ring" One of them said

I felt my heart drop.

"What!? Why didn't anyone help her!?" I shouted

"We aren't strong enough" he said looking down

I turned away and ran towards Zayn. He wrapped his arms around me and tried to cheer me up. We walked slowly to his car as I clung onto Zayn.

"Don't cry love" Zayn said pushing a piece of hair behind my ear

He hugged me tightly one last time before getting into the car.

I hated crying on front of others but the tears kept escaping and I could do nothing to stop them. The worst part is that this is all my fault I should have woken her up and taken her with me when Zayn rescued me. She shouldn't have to go through this. I should, not Lauren. She treated me like a friend and I let this happen to her.

I stopped crying right before we got back to Zayn's flat.

He took a shower and changed because he didn't have time to since I dragged him to go find Lauren before he had time to do anything.

"We should go buy you some more clothes" Zayn said, running his hand through his wet hair

"I don't have any money" I sighed

He looked confused by my response for a moment but then he chuckled.

"You don't need any, I'm going to pay for them" he smiled

Zayn had already welcomed me into his home and now he wants to buy me clothes. Are there any limits to his kindness? I just couldn't allow it, he's already done enough for me.

"No, you already helped me enough I can't let you spend your money buying me clothes" I said

"Madison, don't be difficult. You're going to be staying here for a long time and you need new clothes."

I finally gave in and we walked out to the mall. We went to many stores and he bought me a whole new wardrobe. Even though I tried to forget, Lauren's situation popped into my head. Just when I thought I had forgotten she was there again.

This is all my fault. Everything.

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