Homeless and Addicted

Madison has been living out in the streets for a long time. She's homeless and was addicted to some different drugs before, she would continue if she could but she doesn't have enough money to buy more. One day she stumbles into Zayn, he's one of the few people who are kind to her. Zayn will help her, he's determined to.


1. 1

The rain started pouring down as I turned the corner to go into the dark alley. I had been here long enough to not get scared of being here. I ran towards the box I had as shelter.

"Madison, how much did you get?" asked Lauren

Lauren was the nicest person out here, probably the only nice one. We split the little money we had collected in half if one of us had received less. I guess you could call her my friend.

"Not much about two pounds" I said

She gained the same.

We got money from begging but we barely received much. It was soon nightfall and the rain had stopped, everyone was asleep. I crawled out of my box and looked up at the stars. They were scattered throughout the whole sky, I thought they were very beautiful.

I started to think of my messed up life. I'm eighteen and living in the streets of Manchester, I was a drug addict at age sixteen and I'm a high school dropout. I had a good life until I screwed it all up. I didn't have to run away, I didn't have to take those drugs offered, I just wanted to stop being the good girl. Well it worked.

I was shaken out of my thoughts as I heard loud cussing followed by some yelling. There was a man pushing some other guy and beating them.

I quickly went back into my box and tried to close it. Before going back I shut Lauren's box since she was still asleep. I heard the man's footsteps approaching, they were coming closer and closer to where I was.

I heard a metal clanging and realized he had kicked the trash can that was directly next to my small shelter.

He stopped in front of my box and I tried not to breath loudly but a sound escaped my lips.

The man opened up my box and yanked me out.

"Hello there"

He grabbed my arms and pushed me back. He came closer but I kicked him and tried to run. He was faster and pushed me to the ground. He kicked me and then pulled me up to punch me. I felt the dark red blood trickling out of my nose. I kept my eyes shut as h hurt me.

"Hey!" I heard a distant voice call out

Someone's footsteps ran closer but the man did not stop beating me.

The man finally stopped and I opened my eyes.

He had been pushed down to the ground a couple feet away from me by a young man, he was tall and a bit muscular. He beat the man who was hurting me until he escaped.

The man also had blood coming from his nose.

He ran towards me and picked me up gently.

"Do you feel okay?" he said carrying me

"Where are you taking me?" I asked

"To the hospital, you're badly hurt" he replied

"Did you know that man?" he asked me


He placed me in his car and drove quickly towards the hospital.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine"

I drifted away after he said those words.

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