Emmanuel was slightly discombobulated when he fell from heaven.


1. Prologue

Emmanuel was rather discombobulated when he fell from heaven. He was even more so when he discovered that he now had rather too many limbs to keep track of. It was harder than it looked, he discovered, to simply...walk. He had to give the humans credit, really. They did find many ways to manage, and walking upright was one of their best tricks. Best, and as Emmanuel discovered, hardest. Much too hard to be bothering with, really, so he decided to crawl instead. After that, the going was much easier. 

It would, of course, had been easier if he could fly, but the scorched desert shrivelled his resolve to take to the air.
After having crawled for some time, Emmanuel realised that he had no idea where he was, where he was going, or how he'd gotten there. Ceasing in his crawling for a moment, he made up his mind there and then that his main objective now was to find someone. Someone nice, preferably, but anyone would do really. Looking around, he picked a direction at random, and began crawling again.



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